Why Your Single IT Employee is Your Company’s “Frenemy” (or at Least a Giant Red Flag)

Why Your Single IT Employee is Your Company’s “Frenemy” (or at Least a Giant Red Flag)

A Single IT Employee Is Not Ideal

You know it’s not smart to put all of your retirement savings into one investment, and yet many NJ businesses and professional practices put all of their technology’s critical value and responsibility into one basket—the single IT employee.

As the business owner or CEO, IT management expertise is most likely not your core competency. Your primary focus should be on managing and leading your company, attracting top-tier talent, streamlining operations, and competing more effectively.

Unfortunately, having that one IT employee on staff forces you to take your eyes off the prize. You have to become more knowledgeable about technology to understand and evaluate what your IT guy (or gal) is doing on your company’s behalf. Even if that employee is as reliable and trustworthy as can be, it’s still a risk—and a burden—you can’t afford to take. No matter how much you love your IT professional, there’s a lot not to love about this situation—and strong reasons to contract with a managed IT services provider.

Limited capacity – One IT person means limited manpower and limited expertise. No one individual can do it all or know it all (especially in the rapidly evolving technology world).

  • It’s unlikely this person can configure, install, test, and launch a new system or perform a major upgrade flying solo.
  • It’s impossible for this person to proactively monitor your system around the clock and catch problems before they become disasters.
  • What happens when s/he’s faced with an emerging tech challenge s/he doesn’t know or is too big for one person to handle? Do you honestly feel safe knowing that your company’s entire network depends solely on the limited knowledge of an individual? We see the costly consequences of such “expertise lag” all the time.

Employee needs can’t wait – This is an area where a 24/7 managed IT services team truly outshines the capability of a one-man show. Like any employee, your IT manager will take vacation, get sick, and need personal days. What happens then? Can you really afford to wait until your employee gets back to fix a system crash or get your remote workers connected to your network? Your one IT employee can cost the rest of your staff a great deal of downtime.

Cost effectiveness – Most business owners are unaware (until it’s too late) of the costs to the operation of keeping that IT employee (lost productivity, costly but avoidable repairs, data loss, cyber intrusion, and more). But if you still think that retaining a managed IT services team is more expensive, think again. With IND’s TotalCare flat-rate, all-inclusive managed IT services plans, you’ll pay less than the cost of a full-time employee for 24/7 system monitoring and maintenance, remote and on-site tech support, periodic network assessments and reports, asset management, and vendor management. Can your sole IT employee do all that?

At IND Corporation, we can support your IT department or manage the whole thing for you—relieving you of all those headaches and ensuring your system is running as expected. We’ll take care of problems proactively, and help you maximize your IT investment.

As one of our many long-term clients once said, “The most important benefit we gain from IND is that we get a large IT department without a large IT budget.” Contact us at 973-227-5020 to learn more about how you can, too.