Why Hard Drive Backups Are a Thing of the Past

Don’t Rely Solely on a Hard Drive Backup

Owning your own physical hardware for business is a thing of the past. Gone are the days of having to perform physical hard drive backups, in which they only end up exposing your business overall in the long run. The cloud offers the ability to quickly spin up new resources with a click of a button and also provide quick backups of your data or applications up to the hour timeframe. The old way of backing up your infrastructure and data has become unreliable and incompatible with today’s fast-paced world. Below are some examples of why the cloud is better for backups:

  • Relying on physical drive recovery takes up too much time and limits profitability.
  • The maintenance work, along with backup job maintenance and storage requirements, can be costly; both timely and financially.
  • Troubleshooting the primary cause of the outage in the first place requires days of man-hours to perform; only to discover you probably need new hardware anyway.

Regardless if you decide to host your backups in the cloud or stay on-premise, the most significant cost to cover is man-hours and experience to handle time-sensitive outages. What does a business outage cost your per hour? By trusting in the professional services of IND Corporation, you can ensure daily backups at a minimum, and hourly back-ups if needed – both in the cloud and on-premise. There may be certain situations where shifting to the cloud doesn’t make sense for your business, but what does make sense is trusting IND with the management and operations of your backup retention plan. It is important to have the confidence that if your network fails, you can quickly roll back any changes made to ensure business continuity and client satisfaction.

If you do rely partially on a hard drive backup plan, it is essential that you set a recovery time objective. This objective takes into consideration your cost of business and establishes a risk tolerance for how much time you can afford to be down, as well as your client obligations for outage communications. Has your business put any thought behind actually backing up the systems that store configuration files for your company internal applications? It’s not just data files that you need to back up. All applications require some form of data of templates to operate effectively. Without a proper recovery time objective established for your hard drive backups, you could be sitting in hot water for hours, if not days while you wait for new physical systems are shipped to your location.

All in all, considering your operating costs over your profits is a hard figure to look at; but you won’t have to worry about this number if you entrust your hard drive back tasks with professionals like IND Corp. IND can best benefit your situation if you call them before an incident has occurred.