What Is a Network Security Assessment?

What Is a Network Security Assessment?

Find Out If Your Business Needs a Network Security Assessment

Organizations that either own or operate within a controlled network topology are at risk for thousands of cybersecurity vulnerabilities and threats. The best method for detecting these threats and seeing them through remediation would be to conduct a network security assessment.

Types of Network Security Assessments

Two types of network security assessments can be executed to evaluate the security of your network – a vulnerability security audit or a penetration test. The vulnerability security audit uses a specific system, application, or VLAN on the network, and usually is limited in scope. This test simply detects potential signs of vulnerability. Whereas the penetration test is a lot more intrusive and involves a broader range; usually an entire subnet or network of systems. Even though software or system vulnerability assessments are typically informational in nature, if needed, IND can scope any assessment accordingly to perform a vulnerability scan with high attention to detail and incorporate some level of exploitation to standard, well-known vulnerabilities. It is essential to IND to not just provide you with a scan list of vulnerabilities that affect your internal network without providing you with remediation recommendations. This is a best practice that IND takes pride in, knowing our customers will have the best possible outcome.

What do the tests involve?

The penetration test usually includes the exploitation of discovered vulnerabilities to determine the threat and risk to the business. Pen-tests often also have a physical test associated with them as well; this is important to get a good sense of how external physical forces may be able to enumerate your network infrastructure for supporting information.

Whether it be a vulnerability scan or a penetration test, IND Corporation can determine your current security stance. IND bases our assessments on the NIST cybersecurity framework, which is considered a comprehensive, industry best practice standard. This framework provides both a consultative and evaluative approach to handling vulnerabilities discovered on your network. As part of IND’s testing service, they will provide remediation recommendations for all software vulnerabilities discovered to help you prioritize efforts to cure your security presence.

The IND Difference

For either test, IND will sit down to review and provide written recommendations. If further implementation effort is required to move forward with fixing the vulnerabilities discovered, IND can quickly prioritize and help to remediate your network security assessment findings.

IND prides itself on its cybersecurity readiness knowledge and assessment experience within the industry. Inquire about one of our many security assessment packages today to see which services are best applicable to your overall network.