What a Medical Data Breach Could Mean for Your Practice

What a Medical Data Breach Could Mean for Your Practice

When You Don’t Secure Your Network, A Medical Data Breach Is Imminent

A secure network is one of the most crucial components in the healthcare sector. Medical practices without secure networks are at great risk for a medical data breach. A breach not only has lasting consequences for patients, but also for the practice itself. Learn about what could happen if your network is not secure and how you can protect your medical office.

Medical records are brimming with vital and confidential information. From patient documents to employee paperwork, the need for a secure network in a medical office is essential in protecting it from a medical data breach.

Healthcare records contain sensitive patient medical information and may also include information like addresses, birth dates, social security numbers, and payment methods. Patients who are victims of a medical data breach have a much harder time restoring their medical identity than their financial one. Hackers could publish patients’ sensitive medical information online or utilize it to make false claims under their own names.

How can you avoid a medical data breach? The answer is to implement protocols to create a secure data network. A good place to start is to ensure that all of your equipment, including computers and mobile phones, are equipped with encryption protection and meet HIPAA standards. The National Institute of Standards and Technology developed a risk management policy that you can utilize to help secure your equipment.

Other steps you can take include creating two-factor authentication for your staff and keeping patient and visitor information on separate networks. Along with securing your network, ensure that any paper records and outdated equipment are disposed of properly.

To take your internal security even further, IND Corporation offers Credential Monitoring. Our systems scan the dark web for your office’s domain. We then monitor the dark web for any instance where an account linked to your office appears. If found, we alert the end user that their username and password have been compromised and is being used on the dark web, and then help our clients take proper security measures to remedy the situation.

Why not put your medical office’s most vital asset in the hands of experts? Don’t attempt to juggle the technological safety of your office while handling the safety of patients. IND Corporation has the perfect solution to protect your office from a medical data breach. Our maintenance and monitoring service continuously checks the health of your network security, 24/7. If malicious practices are noticed, we will take immediate action to halt and remedy the damage. We believe medical offices need the best, and most secure systems. Don’t want until a medical data breach occurs to safeguard your network. Well stop the breach before it even has a change to begin.

IND Corporation can help you protect your practice against a medical data breach. Our cybersecurity solutions team is ready for your call. To learn more about how your medical office can benefit from our services, reach out to our experts today.