Using Just One Password is Detrimental to a Corporation

Using Just One Password is Detrimental to a Corporation

Why Sticking to One Password is an Unsafe Practice

To err is human and regardless of how strict your organization’s privacy policies are, employees will always bring their poor or uninformed password habits to the workplace. The possibility of human error derailing the security of a corporation’s IT infrastructure should be enough reason to dissuade a single password policy but surprisingly, many organizations still use single passwords. This erroneous policy has led to numerous data breaches and successful phishing attacks which have put many SMEs out of business.

In order to help you better understand the risks associated with a single password to an organization’s IT infrastructure, accounts and portals, here are the three ways a single-password system can be breached.

Sharing Unprotected Passwords: Regardless of your organization’s cybersecurity policies and how well-trained you believe your staff is, the sharing of passwords is something that occurs where there is unfounded trust. The need to quickly execute system upgrades or backup data can make IT managers share the password with staff members without considering the consequences. Once a password is shared among co-workers, the system that password is provisioned for is vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Using a Single-password Across Multiple Accounts: In situations where a single password or login credentials are used across multiple accounts and personal computers, the possibility of successful cyber-attacks occurring is huge. The huge threat of a successful cyber-attack is due to the repetitive use of a single password on multiple accounts and devices to access important information. A single successful attack on just one account or system will provide hackers with access to the organization’s important data.

Using Predictable Passwords: Lastly, the algorithms used in hacking passwords have become more intuitive and have been imbibed with the ability to test your systems integrity through multiple fronts. An example is the use of DDoS attacks to look for weak points in a network or system and exploit that weakness. These attacks have continued to increase on a yearly basis and target both large and small businesses.

The costs of security breaches have also continued to grow exponentially through the years while for others, the cost is complete bankruptcy. Therefore, integrating a comprehensive password policy for your organization is recommended. IND Corporation can help you develop the cyber-security strategy that will keep your IT infrastructure safe and functional. You can contact us today to learn more.