Top 5 Signs It's Time to Find a New IT Service Provider

Top 5 Signs It’s Time to Find a New IT Service Provider

Your IT Provider Is No Longer Cutting It

Think about the service you are currently getting from your IT provider. Are you satisfied with the work they are providing? Have you experienced frequent downtime or data loss? Switching up your IT service partner may sound like a major hassle to your workday, but in reality, turning to a more qualified professional IT service firm should have a positive impact on your businesses security and profitability. Here are the top six signs your business is in desperate need of a new IT partner.

You’re only receiving reactive support. Your IT company should proactively plan out your IT goals. Your IT systems need to be customized specifically to support your business goals and growth plans. Any good IT provider understands that no two businesses are alike, and they should not try to shoe-horn you into something that doesn’t fit your needs.

They don’t provide regular insight. Your IT provider needs to constantly assess the strength and weakness of your IT systems, and make sure that you understand their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Businesses are ever-evolving, meaning your IT solutions need to adapt.

They provide inefficient response times. Business profitability relies on the continued health of all IT assets. If your IT provider is not providing immediate response times, you need to consider a switch. A response time of more than one hour is unacceptable for a high priority request/problem.

They need to fix the same problem over and over. Your IT provider should be able to fix any IT related problem to its entirety. If you find yourself calling them back a few months later to fix the same exact problem, they likely didn’t fix it right in the first place.

They are taking too long to fix a problem. If your IT provider is taking an excessive amount of time to fix your issue, it is likely that they don’t know enough about how your system is configured or they don’t have sufficient staff or expertise to solve the problem. Your business deserves an intelligent, well-versed IT provider to take care of your employees and IT assets.

Their monthly costs are inconsistent. If your monthly fees from your IT provider are highly variable, then it will be impossible to accurately budget your IT expenses. A fixed-cost provider manages all of your IT assets and vendors (not just your PC’s and servers) for one flat monthly price. That’s a service you can count on.

If your current IT provider falls under any of these six categories, it’s time to switch. IND Corporation provides the utmost support to each of our clients with fast response times at a flat-rate cost. On top of that, we’ll ensure the onboarding process is smooth and free of any business related downtime. For more information on how our professional IT services, reach out to our team today!