Three Warning Signs That Your IT Services Provider Is Putting Their Needs First

Three Warning Signs That Your IT Services Provider Is Putting Their Needs First

Working with an external managed IT services provider means putting your trust in a firm that, you hope, always has your company’s best interests in mind. After all, you’re paying the monthly contract, so why wouldn’t that be the case?

How can you be sure your NJ company’s needs are being met ahead of the IT services providers’? Here are some warning signs to be aware of:

They push “solutions” without giving you options. In the IT world, there are usually several ways to meet your data management and networking challenges. But, if your IT services firm is only recommending the one solution they know about (or will make the most money on), they are probably doing you an IT disservice. And if they’re rushing you to make the purchase, watch out. A reputable, reliable IT contractor will take the time to fully understand what you need, scout the market, discuss the options available, and match you up with the right solution for your operation. You’re paying them to help you make the optimal selection—not just deploy the solution they happen to be more comfortable with.

Failing to conduct quarterly evaluations of your entire IT infrastructure. Maybe there’s some new technology or software package on the market that could significantly boost your business. Wouldn’t you want to know about it? And, wouldn’t your organization benefit from being able to properly plan and budget for an upgrade?

Yearly or even semi-annual system evaluations simply aren’t frequent enough to help you compete with your technology. They result in patchwork fixes rather than more comprehensive, management-empowering solutions. At IND, we believe that the “speed of business” and frequency of innovation demands more diligence, which is why we conduct IT audits every quarter as part of our TotalCare managed services plans.

No service level agreement (SLA). Have you ever waited a half day or more for your IT services partner to show up, and then wait another whole day to get the critically needed repair? Not good days for your business, right? That’s what can happen without a service level agreement in place for your IT support. An SLA dictates the response time to service requests for your IT services contractor, based on the priority of your issue.

Many IT services providers also limit their clients to a certain number of service hours per month, and if your IT support needs go over your contracted limit, you will pay for it – with a bill (which could be hefty) you probably weren’t expecting for time and materials. So to add to your frustration, you now must spend valuable time reviewing every bill from your IT partner.

At IND, we provide multi-tier responses based on the severity of the problem and our New Jersey customers are guaranteed one-hour urgent care if needed, as part of our industry-leading SLAs. And, our flat-rate monthly TotalCare plans include unlimited remote and onsite support for your servers, network appliances, desktops and corporate mobile devices.

With TotalCare managed IT services plans, it’s all about doing as much proactively to reduce our customers’ need for onsite or remote support. Our proactive network monitoring and maintenance reduces downtime, which in turn minimizes support requests and disruptions to your organization in terms of time and money. Those are just a few ways IND Corporation always puts our customers’ interests first.

Does your current IT partner do that?

If you’re ready for a better way to manage your New Jersey company’s IT assets and computing infrastructure, contact IND at 973-947-8045 to discuss your current and future technology needs.