The Right IT Managed Services Partner Can Keep Your NJ Transportation Business in the Fast Lane

The Right IT Managed Services Partner Can Keep Your NJ Transportation Business in the Fast Lane

Given its location, seaports and airports, vast warehouse and commercial parks, and interstate highways, New Jersey is a busy logistics hub—and home to numerous companies in the transportation business. Whether in trucking, warehousing, distribution or other supply chain management concerns, they need to be 100% confident that their business technology is up to the task at all times. After all, NJ’s logistics companies can have the best employees, nicest facilities, and sleekest fleets but their operation relies heavily on well managed IT.

Warehouse management software

The warehouse and distribution sector is a competitive market; it’s critical that your inventory and shipping programs are integrated properly and working as expected, so your team can handle seasonal peaks and fulfill orders at any time. Sure, your warehouse management software (WMS) offers powerful managerial control, performance metrics, and important visibility into warehouse operations, but that’s hard to do when your system crashes and it takes hours or days to get a technician out to your location. Who can afford that kind of downtime?

In addition to barcode scanners, some warehouses are implementing newer technologies such as smart wearables and radio frequency beacons to streamline pickup and order operations. These all must also integrate with your network and communicate with each other. Glitches in your system setup or connectivity lead to delayed shipments—and business diverted to your competition.


You may have the latest and greatest telematics system for your fleet, but is it reporting to your back office properly? Are you providing your customers with the real-time tracking they expect? Are you dispatching workers as efficiently as possible? And is your fleet costing more in fuel costs than anticipated? All of these are critical logistics issues that affect customer service and your bottom line.


Wayfinding apps for drivers can suddenly crash, leaving valuable shipments missing in action without a backup plan and access to the cloud for mobile workers. Did your current IT services firm set up your employees with fully mobile access to critical transportation-related apps that avoid delivery disasters?

How IND’s TotalCare drives a better logistics operation

IND Corporation’s comprehensive TotalCare managed IT services plans keep NJ transportation companies and supply chain providers on the road to maximized productivity, optimized computing, profitability, and lots of satisfied customers. At the core of this proactive, fixed-cost service is our 24/7 network monitoring and maintenance that watches your system at all times. Issues are detected and corrected before they become disruptions, even overnight and on weekends.

With TotalCare, you get a more secure network that protects your data (and that of your customers, vendors, and partners), and a more reliable connection with business continuity baked in. Your cloud-based applications are properly integrated and are accessible from the road for your mobile workers, BYOD safeguards are implemented, industry compliance is met, inventory is more accurate, and shipping notifications happen as expected. Plus:

  • Automatic data backups and software updates (include security patches)
  • Unlimited on-site and remote help desk support. Some clients opt for our one-hour urgent care response.
  • Asset management and vendor management – helps with budgeting, decision making, and record keeping
  • Consulting services to ensure your IT meets your business goals – now and in the foreseeable future
  • Cost savings on IT expenses over the life of your equipment

With our TotalCare services, you can be assured that your IT systems are never to blame for a missed delivery—and that your business runs as smoothly as a shiny new truck. Contact us at 973-828-0843 to learn more about what IND’s TotalCare managed IT services plans can deliver to your NJ operation.