The Need for Specialized Managed Services

The Need for Specialized Managed Services

Specific Industries Require a Specific Level of Managed Service

Managed IT service is nothing new. When a company is struggling to juggle multiple hats, the best solution is to hand their IT qualms over to a managed service expert. So in the realm of IT solutions, how does IND distinguish ourselves from the rest?

Specialized Managed Services

IND Corporation brings each of our clients a true white-glove experience. Standard managed service practices are asset-based. Typical providers simply equip offices with the technology and tools they need to function but perform little upkeep or maintenance work thereafter. Once they install new computers or set up your cloud platform, they leave you to figure out the rest.

At IND Corporation, we believe that businesses deserve more. Our services are employee-based, complete with employee-based pricing. Our team services highly-intellectual employees that require consistent and reliable network use. Because the industries we serve are so computer-centric, we have a deep understanding of the typical qualms that come with working in such a business.

Throughout the years, IND has tailored our managed services to accuracy serve these technical-based jobs, such as engineers, architects, accountant lawyers, and healthcare providers. If these types of businesses experience any sort of digital downtime, their entire business is put on hold. Even worse, if their credentials fall into the hands of malicious hackers, they could jeopardize the safety and reputation of their business. A consistent managed service provider that understands the high-risk industry you work in is an absolute necessity.

The IND Difference

IND supports your business goals by continuously monitoring and maintaining your company’s devices and network. We meet with our clients on a regular basis to ensure they are remaining in check with our security recommendations, are not falling behind on their updates, and are staying in line with their technology goals. At IND, we put your business first.

Don’t risk the health of your business by enlisting your trust in an unqualified IT specialist. Connect with a managed provider that truly understands the problems and concerns your businesses faces on a daily basis. When it comes to IT, IND will bring your technology-based company the support it needs to prosper. Contact one of our team members today to learn how we can help you.