The Importance of HTTPS

The Importance of HTTPS

Secure Your Website with HTTPS

The sensitization campaign on how the public can protect themselves from the dangers of the internet has proven to be quite successful in recent years. This statement is backed by the fact that 85% of internet users will refuse to browse on websites without a visible HTTPS security tag on a URL. The HTTPs ‘padlock’ has become a symbol of security for the billions of people that carry out transactions online. This security validation that comes with HTTPs is one of the reasons why it is important for businesses to have a security license.

4 Reasons Your Online Platform Should be HTTPS Certified

  1. Highlights Communication Security – HTTPS is an acronym for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Security and its main purpose is for securing the communications that occur over a computer network. The security or encryption is usually provided through a Transport Layer Security or Secure Sockets Layer certificate. Therefore, the first security step to take when setting up an online portal for your business is securing the communication channels between your clients and the website.
  2. Increased Search Engine Ranking – Getting your website to rank on search engines can be the deciding factor between a successful business or a struggling one. This is why business owners pay top dollar to search engine optimization firms. But what many business owners don’t know is the fact that getting your website HTTPS secure is also the first step to take to increase your business’s SEO rank. Google has also confirmed this by stating that HTTPS sites are ranked higher than their insecure competitors.
  3. Enhanced Conversion Rate – The notorious ‘not secure’ prompt that pops up on most browsers when visiting a website is due to a lack of HTTPS or security license protecting the communication that happens on the website. A ‘don’t visit’ prompt is the browser’s way of securing visitors from cyber-attacks. So, if customers can’t visit your business platform without their browsers flagging it down, how can you convert potential customers into paying clients?
  4. Increased Customer Confidence – Getting a security license for your online platform translates to customers believing that their sensitive information will be safe with you. This sensitive information includes credit card details, names and addresses among other biometrics. A tech-savvy customer will only volunteer to make a purchase if he or she believes the details they provide will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Ensuring that the virtual portal to tour business is secure for both you and your customers is the most important consideration any business owner must take. An HTTPS symbol shows your customers that you take their online security seriously. Contact IND Corporation today to know more about the different types of security license options available to you, as well as, learn which is best for your business.