SMS Phishing: Phones Need Security Too

SMS Phishing: Phones Need Security Too

The Breakdown of SMS Phishing Scams

In today’s world, business interactions are taking place far beyond office walls. Work is often brought home with each employee, making mobile devices their most valuable mode of communication. With such a substantial number of professionals initiating transactions over their smartphones, SMS phishing scams are growing increasingly more prevalent.

As digital and technical professionals, it’s our job at IND Corporation to educate our clients on safe transaction practices.

SMS phishing or Smishing is a new type of phishing attack, targeted at mobile phone users. Instead of sending a malicious email, hackers have now found a way to send text messages with embedded links, enticing users to click or respond to the SMS. Once the link is clicked, an embedded script is automatically executed and will attempt to take control over the user’s phone. Now, don’t panic yet; there are several things you can do to ensure your phone does not fall victim to a smishing attack.

First, never open messages that you are not expecting or are from an unknown user. This is the easiest way to avoid an SMS phishing attack.

Second, never click embedded links sent over SMS. Most companies and banks will never prompt you to click a link in a text to fill out banking information. If this situation arises, avoid clicking the link at all costs!

Third, ensure that your phone is always updated to the latest patch available. Software upgrades protect devices from vulnerabilities. Regular security updates will ensure your mobile device is properly equipped to combat hackers and viruses.

Lastly, only download verified and trustworthy apps from the app store. Take a look at what permissions you are giving an app when you download it. If you are downloading a flashlight app that wants full access to your entire phone, then it’s likely a malicious app that could be launched from an SMS phishing attack.

Overall, if you still feel unassured that you are being protected while using your mobile device, check out the services that the professionals at IND Corporation have to offer around mobile security. Not only will our team implement strategic protective software, but we’ll also stand by your team as we education each member on proper safety precautions. With IND on your side, you can rest assured your network is safe.