Significant Ways IT Outsourcing Aids a Business

Significant Ways IT Outsourcing Aids a Business

The Benefits of IT Outsourcing

The days of glamourizing the 90-hour work week which usually leads to a less than ideal work output are finally coming to an end. The tech industry is also feeling the pinch of excessive work hours as the quality of staff output declines which, in turn, led to the rise in IT outsourcing in the business community. Today, more than 72% of businesses currently outsource some aspects of their IT processes to experienced service providers.

As expected, the rise in IT outsourcing from a $45 billion industry to over a $100 billion, from the year 2000 to 2018 has raised some eyebrows. So, we crunched the numbers and they showed that this exponential increase in IT outsourcing are due to these three major benefits your business can also take advantage off:

Access Higher Expertise at Lower Costs: The goal of every commercial entity is to make more money than the capital expended in making it. And for SMEs and even large corporations hiring full-time staff to fill every IT role is unsustainable. Therefore, outsourcing to vetted professionals or IT outsourcing firms with confirmable track record gives businesses access to the best IT talents at really affordable costs. IT outsourcing is basically like having your cake and actually eating it!

Enhanced Productivity and High-performance: Case studies have shown that IT outsourcing policies help companies increase overall productivity levels in multiple ways. Typically, employees at small to medium-sized businesses are tasked with wearing multiple hats. When IT is not your forte, dealing with technical tasks can bog down your workday. Outsourcing IT services gives full-time employees the time and space needed to focus solely on their core responsibilities, while the experts take care of the technical stuff.

Round-the-clock Availability: In the corporate world, any form of downtime is the enemy. In 2017, IT infrastructure downtimes cost the average enterprise 300,000 – 400,000 US dollars and in extreme cases, downtimes can put a small business out of operation. Therefore, to better manage the ever-present possibility of downtimes, IT outsourcing policies must be adopted. A managed service provider who is dedicated to your IT infrastructure will provide a 24-hour, 7-day watch on your servers and other IT infrastructure to ensure downtime is foreseen and eliminated.

It is recommended that you work with professional IT service providers who are in tune with newer technologies and have the experience to manage your business’s IT infrastructure. You can contact our expert IT professionals at IND Corporation today to learn more about what our IT experts can do for your business.