Should You Switch to Office 365 Hosted Exchange?

Should You Switch to Office 365 Hosted Exchange?

IND Corporation Seamlessly Migrates Your Data into the Microsoft Cloud

As new technology swirls in the air, it can be difficult to truly grasp which product is right for your business and industry. Only after considerable research and discussions with tech experts will you be able to come to a conclusive decision.

If you’ve decided that Microsoft’s Office 365 platform is the best choice for your business, then you are ready to decide who is the best choice to migrate your Exchange data into the Microsoft cloud.

After taking all variables into consideration, here are the top three reasons IND’s services reign superior in assisting businesses with Hosted Exchange integration.

A Whiteglove Migration Process – Data migration and the movement of IT assets from one environment or vendor to another is a technical process that can task even professionals. That is why many SMEs and large corporations struggle to execute migrations according to pre-set schedules when they have little to no knowledge of how to perform the migration.

IND Corporation makes things much easier for you. Our team has been through hundreds of Microsoft Exchange migrations, and we are a Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform provider, which means that Microsoft itself has validated our expertise. We’ll take care of the entire migration process, so your team can stay focused on their core job functions.

Ensuring a Secure Connection – IND Corporation works on our end to ensure your connection to the Microsoft Cloud host is as safe and secure as possible. On top of our own secure precautions, we’ll take the necessary steps to educate your office on both the risks and benefits of using a cloud provider. Taking security measures a step further, we then provide your team with strategies to minimize any uncovered risks.

Dealing with Scalability Issues – With increased business demands comes increased responsibilities and factoring scalability is one such responsibility. It is also very likely that the reason you are considering moving to the cloud or a new cloud services provider is due to the need to scale-up your IT infrastructure.

If this is the case, then you would be delighted to know that IND’s services are intuitively scalable. This means that you can program the system to handle increased workloads where and when necessary to ensure high-performance. You can also easily scale down if traffic or workloads reduce to previous levels thereby allowing you to prudently utilize business capital.

If you have been convinced that our Office 365 maintenance services are fit for your business, then it’s time to contact our experienced cloud specialist at IND Corporation. We can help you assess your cloud-based requirements as well as customize provision and deploy Microsoft Cloud services to meet them.