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What Should Be Included in Your IT Service Plan and What Makes IND Different?

There are many IT service providers today who provide managed IT service plans in the New Jersey/New York metro area. The problem is that the services that they include – or don’t include – in their fixed-cost managed service plans are typically a poor match for the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

Most business executives today don’t even know what IT services they need, or even what they should expect, from their IT support and consulting firm.

To make matters worse, there is so much IT jargon included in your average service agreement that it’s hard to decipher exactly what the heck is included in their flat monthly fee and what will be an extra (and potentially high) cost.

IND has been providing IT services for over twenty years now, and we’ve worked with hundreds of businesses in NJ. We’ve used our experience to design the right mix of pro-active IT support and consulting services in our TotalCare managed service plans to serve the needs of today’s SMB community.

So, what exactly makes IND’s TotalCare managed service plans different?

We are the only IT service provider that we know of in the NY/NJ metro area who includes all of the services a small/medium-sized business needs to maintain their IT systems within the scope of our fixed-cost TotalCare managed service plan.

Why should you care? One simple reason: all of these services are key ingredients in our special sauce that minimizes your risks while maximizing your employee’s effectiveness and your profits:

  • Unlimited IT Consulting – One of our Virtual Chief Information Officers (vCIO) is assigned as your dedicated IT consultant. Other IT firms say they provide a vCIO, but here’s how we’re different: Your IND vCIO will ensure your IT systems support your business goals by pro-actively managing your IT assets and planning for new initiatizes via your own customized IT roadmap.

Your vCIO meets with you on a regular basis to review this roadmap along with other management reports (not bit and byte reports), and she is also available to consult with you at any time.

  • Network administration – There’s a lot that goes into taking care of a computing network. Without boring you with the details, we do what needs to be done to keep your IT systems in top shape and secure. We also perform a regular pro-active analysis of your IT systems and vendors and prepare an IT Systems Status report with you so that you know the health and vulnerabilities of your IT systems at all times.
  • Network monitoring and system updates – this is the foundation of any managed service plan that ensures your systems run as they should and are secure.

Here are two quick questions that you can use to determine if your current IT firm is doing what they should to monitor and protect you: First, when you have an Internet or power outage, do they call you and let you know about the problem, or do you have to call them? If they are monitoring your systems properly, they will know when you have a problem, let you know about it, and then fix it immediately!

Secondly, you will know that your IT service partner isn’t performing system updates the right way if they have to come onsite to do them, or if they have to contact you/interrupt your business day to do them. Updates should be done automatically, and regularly, to ensure all systems are protected and operating at peak performance.

  • Disaster recovery and business continuity planning – Planning takes place before a disaster hits and renders your location inaccessible or has the potential to knock out your computing network. With a clear plan worked out in advance and shared with all your employees, you are more assured of maintaining operations—even remotely for a temporary time frame.

Even better, we help you chose the right business continuity system that meets your recovery time objective (RTO) so you’re your business can continue to operate no matter what happens.

  • Proactive support – A proactive IT support program means staying a step head of little problems. When our monitoring software detects a problems on one your IT systems, our team of certified technicians and network engineers swing into action to get it fixed before it can cause downtime. Much of this work occurs behind the scenes, but clear evidence that it isn’t happening is when your business has recurring problems, system slowness, and downtime.
  • Unlimited onsite and remote support – Other IT firms often charge you an hourly fee when they come to your office. This ends up costing you a lot of money in the long run – either you have to pay your IT firm to come on site, or you will pay one of your employee to try to do the IT work themselves.

Our unlimited tech support – performed either from our office in Parsippany, NJ or at your office – minimizes your expenses and maximizes your employees efficiency.

  • SLAs and one-hour response time – Perhaps the top complaint that we hear about our competitors is that it takes them too long to respond to a request. This is likely because your IT provider doesn’t have a service level agreement (SLA) to manage your expectation on how long it will take them to respond to your support requests.

We have a four-tier priority response system, and we allow your employees to tell us how fast we need to respond. The top tier response is just one hour! And this is something that we take very seriously: one of our KPI’s is on our priority one response time. And while we promise to get back to you in one hour, we average under 20 minutes actual response time!

  • Support for all employee devices – Today’s workplace is not just about desktop or laptop computers anymore. Most employees work on their home computers, tablets or smartphones. Our TotalCare managed service plans includes technical support for all of these devices, so that no matter how your employee is working, we will support them, no questions asked.
  • Support for all networking devices – LANs, WANs, firewalls, hubs, switches, routers … what keeps you connected and protected requires support as well. Without these networking devices in working order, your computing won’t do its job—and neither will your employees.

We find that almost all of our competitors don’t include any kind of support for your networking devices at all. Not only do we monitor your networking devices, but we provide both pro-active and reactive support for them – all within the scope of our manged service plans!

  • Installation of new computers – The time it takes to procure and install a new PC can cost a lot of money for any business. We include this time in our plans so that you don’t have to think twice about getting your employees the devices they need for your business to succeed.

TotalCare – comprehensive managed IT services from IND Corporation

IND’s TotalCare program leaves nothing to chance and no IT asset unturned. From full network monitoring and unlimited tech support to systems reviews and proactive plans, TotalCare includes it all, at one flat monthly rate. Contact us to discuss where your New Jersey company is today with its IT support; we’ll show you what great managed IT services not only looks like, but what we can do for your business!