Server Backup Solutions Every Office Can Implement

Server Backup Solutions Every Office Can Implement

Safeguard Your Data With These Simple Server Backup Solutions

When your business is on the line, the last thing you want is a system malfunction jeopardizing your valuable network data. It is crucial for companies to implement server backup solutions, no matter how small the office or budget. Backing up your data means protecting your company from catastrophe and ensuring continuity in the event of security threats or natural disasters.

When it comes to server backup solutions, there are several that every office can implement:

  • Schedule routine server backups
  • Always perform a complete server backup before large updates in order to have a restore point should there be issues with the update
  • Offices that utilize a service provider for webmail can contact their provider to learn about their backup options.
  • Use multiple methods. Have a variety of backup solutions, so in the event of a disaster, you won’t have to fear.

When selecting a server backup solution, you should first determine your needs and what budget you have to work with. Will you implement an on-site server backup solution or utilize a third-party vendor to provide an off-site server backup? If different aspects of your business require cloud usage but others would benefit by being housed on site, IND Corporation can create a hybrid solution tailored to your business needs.

Companies that implement an on-site server backup solution will need to ensure there is enough storage space for all employees’ data, as well as room for growth. A good rule of thumb is to allot for double the amount space you estimate you will need. A perk to IND Corporation’s managed IT services is that our cloud-based services provide an easy means for expansion. As your business grows, our solutions will grow along with you.

If you are considering an on-site backup strategy, there are several options to choose from. CDs or flash drives are the least inexpensive option; however, it is not recommended as your main backup solution, as they can be lost or damaged. A more permanent option would be disk-based storage. With on-site server backup, companies are still at risk for data loss due to equipment failure or events like fires and floods. It is highly recommended that you also utilize some form of off-site data storage to protect against this – such as through the cloud.

While an onsite backup strategy is crucial, an off-site means of protection provides an added layer of security. When it comes to backup solutions, you cannot put all your eggs in one basket. With IND Corporation on your side, we can guarantee a complete replica of your network, accurate to as recently as the last 15 minutes, recovered in under an hour. We take all needed backup precautions, to ease your worries. You’ll never have to worry about complete loss of data again.

If your company’s valuable data is not already protected, what are you waiting for? A disaster could ruin your reputation in the blink of an eye. IND Corporation can help you decide which server backup solution is best for your company, and will work with you to develop the ideal strategy. Contact us today to learn about the solutions we offer.