Safeguarding Sensitive Data in Your Law Firm

Safeguarding Sensitive Data in Your Law Firm

Keeping Sensitive Data Safe in Your Legal Sector

Protecting company assets and internal legal data is an extremely sensitive task, but one that must be completed correctly. Sensitive data may include items like social security numbers, credit card numbers, pending litigations, and even company secrets. No matter what the data is, if it is deemed sensitive, you need to have proper controls in place to protect and monitor any activity around it.

Define Access

First, it is important to identify where all this information is located and who might have access to it (as well as who “should” have access to it). Establishing a roadmap of how all the data is accessed and used can be very helpful in the planning phase of securing this information.

Implement Preventative Controls

Next, identify any detective or preventive controls that you have in place around this data. Some examples include things as simple as having physical documents stored in a locked room/cabinet with a security camera, or as complex as having an intrusion detection/prevention system agent installed on your local database server to monitor for any unwanted traffic or access.

A sensible, cost-effective starting point for most businesses is to implement a system that regularly scans any document changes that are made to account access, files, and systems in your business so that your IT team is notified when something changes.

Regardless of the control, it is important that the decision makers at your enterprise are fully aware of the controls and the risk associated with losing the data if the control fails. This all needs to happen before moving to the last phase.

Consistent Monitoring

Lastly, once you have agreed upon controls it is time to set up auditing/monitoring around these controls and have a dedicated security team to watch over this on a consistent basis. All this information may seem like a lot to take in. Luckily, the professionals at IND Corporation can help you every step of the way. Our team specializes in monitoring your business’s most sensitive digital assets. Our role, as your managed IT provider, is to consistently maintain your network to ensure optimal performance is achieved and reliable security is established. Don’t wait another minute and potentially allow your sensitive data to be compromised. Call IND Corporation today.