SaaS in Cloud Computing: Top 5 Things You Need to Know

SaaS in Cloud Computing: Top 5 Things You Need to Know

Understanding SaaS to Help Your Business

The success recorded in the information age has been due to two major factors; constant innovation and affordability. Many people may be a bit skeptical about the role that ‘affordability’ plays in advancing the age of information, but consider this. Computers, storage discs and software became popular only when these items could be purchased by every homeowner. And this affordability is what SaaS intends to do for the business and entrepreneurial community.

Software as a Service is an alternative to the standard software used by businesses. It is a process that involves licensing software on a subscription basis which is why it is also referred to as on-demand software. Now that you know what SaaS stands for, here are the five things to know about SaaS in cloud computing.

  1. You do Not Need to Pay for Software Packages – SaaS gives you the power to say goodbye to purchasing those expensive software packages you use for your business operations. This means that instead of shelling out tens of thousands of dollars annually to purchase new software, you can simply subscribe to a SaaS platform.
  2. SaaS Subscriptions are Scalable – SaaS helps you save money by allowing you to subscribe to only the features that you need at a particular time. This does not mean that you are limited to work with only the features subscribed to because you can also increase your subscription requirements as your business grows. This is basically like having your cake and eating it too! For example, your business requires 500 GB of storage space in its first month from your SaaS platform and 1TB after three months. With SaaS, you can simply upgrade your subscription instead of purchasing a new set of hard drives.
  3. Easy, Streamlined Integration – SaaS solutions reside in cloud-based environments and they are generally compatible with other IT solutions. This makes integrating the services you subscribed to an easy task to accomplish. The ease of integration does not stop there, because you can also hand-pick multiple features from different SaaS vendors to meet your particular IT needs.
  4. Seamless Upgrades of New Releases – The process of upgrading traditional software generally involves; paying a couple of hundred dollars, and getting an IT pro to handle the upgrades. With SaaS, upgrades are done by the service provider and all you will be required to do is install a patch or simply click upgrade as you do with your favorite Android or iOS app.
  5. Customizable Software Solutions – In some situations, you may need to mix and mash multiple futures from different vendors in order to build a customized software app for your business. An example is building a data analytics pipeline where a database, analytics tool, and visualization tool is needed. SaaS gives you the opportunity to customize your software requirements with ease.

SaaS is simplicity personified. Therefore, to take advantage of what it offers, simply contact our IT pros at IND Corporation to learn more about the various SaaS options available to your business.