Remote Workforce Security Tips

Remote Workforce Security Tips

Keeping Your Data Safe Even With a Remote Workforce

Recent advancements made in the technology realm have made it easier than ever to work remotely. Whether employees need to make an offsite business trip or you have a full-time team working across the country, a remote workforce can greatly enhance the productivity of your company. While a remote workforce has its advantages, it’s still wise to stay mindful of cyber security since your business is spreading its electronic presense beyond office walls. If you manage a remote team, or are thinking of doing so, check out these remote workforce security tips.

Education for Employees

First and foremost, every business needs to educate their entire team on proper safety precautions. Whether your entire team works under one roof or they are spread across state lines, every member needs to understand your expected safety protocol. Employees should be creating strong passwords, safeguarding their devices, and following all business policies. IND Corporation can help propel this education amongst your team with our training program. While IT tasks are tough to juggle amidst a daily workflow, there are vital privacy and security components we strongly suggest our clients understand. Our team will take time to work alongside yours to train and prepare them, ensuring they fully understand protocol and precautions.

Mobile Device Management

Employees who use their personal phone for company matters can easily put your company’s private intellectual property at risk. Setting up the proper security protocols using our mobile device management solutions on your employees’ personal phones will enable them to securely access their company email and documents. Emails and files are all protected using secure apps set in place by our professionals. With IND’s help, your remote workforce will be able to access data securely from their mobile device, and prevent unauthorized intrusion into company systems.


Another important component of keeping your data and systems safe with remote employees is utilizing a Virtual Private Network (VPN). VPNs allow your employees to connect securely to your business systems no matter if they connect to the Internet from their home or a public Wi-Fi network. Public Wi-Fi networks provide an easy entry point for hackers to snoop on your information and gain access to devices that connect to them. VPNs extend your company’s private network across a public network, securing your employees devices when they connect to public Wi-Fi. Private data and documents can easily be shared as securely as if they were still within office walls.

IND Corporation is committed to keeping your office safe, even with a remote workforce. Take advantage of all this age of technology has to offer. If you would like to learn more about protecting your remote workforce, please contact IND Corporation today at 973-227-5020.