Preventing Information Leakage In Your Office

Preventing Information Leakage In Your Office

Don’t Let Information Leakage Ruin Your Business

While external hacks are always a threat for businesses, a sometimes-overlooked threat is internal information leakage. Information leakage occurs when private company data, such as key customer information, financial reports, or intellectual property like product designs, falls into hands outside of the office.

In today’s digital world, business information is held on multiple outlets, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. All of this readily available information increases the risk of vital information getting out. An information leakage has the potential to be disastrous for your business, as well as to your customers’ privacy. Check out these internal safety tips to combat the risk of information leakage.

Encryption Techniques

Encryption is a key part of preventing information leakage in your office. Data encryption translates internal data into a system of codes, rendering the data illegible to any party without the affiliated code. Make sure your hard drives, email system, and employees’ mobile devices are set up with the proper encryption protocols. We can assist your businesses in encrypted email and endpoint encryption. The techniques we set in place help to mitigate data breach, while maintaining compliance.

Internal Layers of Security

Another way to help prevent information leakage in your business is setting the appropriate permissions for your employees. While we all want to place a level of trust within our internal employees, it’s always a good idea to stay safe. Our experts can assist your office in setting network privileges based on the level of access employees will need for their position. This prevents unauthorized access to sensitive documents or systems. We give companies the tools they need to keep their businesses secure while simultaneously maximizing the productivity of their teams.

Privacy Practices

While information leakage can be an intentional hack, it can also be an accident on the part of your employees. Accidental information leakage can occur when employees store their passwords in a visible or easily accessible place or click on spam links. If you’re concerned about the security of your internal credentials, then we recommend using a password management program to securely store and manage access to the passwords that your employees use on websites and applications. As a last line of defense, IND offers a service known as Credential Monitoring, which scans the dark web for your employees email addresses, and continuously monitor for any instance where an account tied to your businesses appears. If we find that an email has been compromised, we will immediately alert your team so they can change their passwords. With our help, your businesses can rest assured knowing your vital information is being monitored – even in the areas you’d never think to look.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication adds a deeper level of protection to your company accounts. Aside from the typical username and password combination, each employee will also have to enter a unique code sent to his or her phone with each log in attempt. Since the code changes with each log in entry, hackers will have a much harder time breaching your system. Although the process is somewhat cumbersome, it’s always better to be safe. This process may take an extra step or two to log into internal accounts, but the protection is provides far outweighs its inconvenience.

Employee Training

Because most data leakage occurs due to employee errors, the best way to ensure information leakage does not occur is to educate your staff on safety practices. IND Corporations offers employee training to help your entire team understand the importance of cyber security. Our program will touch on topics such as how to recognize dangerous phishing emails, password storing practices, and common hacking tricks to stay mindful of. Not only will we offer said education, we will also test your employees on these practices to ensure they are comprehending each important aspect.

Let IND Corporation help protect your business from information leakage by calling us today at 973-227-5020. Our team will stand by yours every step of the way to ensure your systems are always healthy, up-to-date, and safe from information leakage.