Myths About Backup Solutions

Myths About Backup Solutions

Don’t Be Fooled by These Backup Solution Myths

The Internet is filled with hundreds of online forums dedicated to data loss and one of the most popular search phrases in relation to data is ‘how do I retrieve my backed-up data and what’s the best backup solution to use’. As always, the answers in these forums range from the ludicrous to very impractical solutions to backup problems. The rest of the answers are usually provided by ‘snake oil salesmen’ looking to sell you a one-size fits all backup solution. Sadly, these salesmen and other shady recommendations are sometimes believed by desperate folks who just need their data back.

This is why today’s post will be centered on busting the popular myths about backup solutions with the aim of getting business owners to take the right decisions when considering data backup options.

  1. Going off-grid with an External Drive is Your Best Option – The thought that storing all your data on an external drive is the best option for backing up your data is a myth that’s popular, but marginally false. The rise of cryptocurrency has also played heavily on this myth and this has led to the launch of external storage options that promise heaven and earth. But there are many dangers associated with having only an external hard drive as your backup solution. External hard drives can be damaged, lost or wiped out without any explanations.
  2. Solid State Discs are Safer than Hard Disc Drives – Are you conversant with the clicking sounds most HDD makes when attached to a USB port? If yes, it is important to note that the clicking sound is caused by moving parts in the HDD. Now, the propagation of the myth that SSD is safer than HDD is based on the technical fact that while an HDD has moving parts in them, an SSD does not. But it is important to know that both drive options are risk-ridden and are not perfect backup solutions for business owners. SSD’s are susceptible to regular wear and tear thereby compromising the integrity of your data.
  3. Relying Solely on Cloud Backup Solutions – Today, the most popular backup solution used by most business owners are cloud-based options. This is due to the fact that they are marginally more secure and are managed by IT pros who understand cybersecurity and what disaster recovery is all about. But even managed IT services can be hit by successful cyber-attacks. Therefore, the best backup solution option to consider is one that is a hybrid of both cloud-based and off-grid backup solutions. This will ensure that your data is not left at the mercy of circumstances you are unable to control.

It is highly recommended that alongside your backup solutions, a disaster recovery plan must be put in place that will help you deal with any circumstances. You can learn more about disaster recovery plans by contacting our data security and backup experts at IND Corp. We create a customized plan based on your businesses and network needs.