My Network Is In The Cloud, I Don't Need Cloud Support, Right? Wrong!

My Network Is In The Cloud, I Don’t Need Cloud Support, Right? Wrong!

Your Team Still Needs Cloud Support… Here’s Why

“We are moving to the cloud!” – That’s what most corporations are saying today. Most are under the assumption that by simply moving your on-premise infrastructure to the cloud, there is no need to worry about supporting it. Some even believe that either Google, Amazon, or Microsoft will take care of your cloud support for you. However, these three companies are in the business of cloud hosting, not support. If you plan on going to the cloud, there will be some things you need to take into consideration that may go unnoticed without the proper cloud support in place.

Security Management

These cloud providers state very clearly in their service agreements that they will only provide a certain level of managed security efforts pertaining to the overall health of the cloud environment; not just yours. Now, there are integrated services that are in place to help automate and monitor your situation from a security perspective, but you will still need someone to actively monitor and configure them to ensure they stay accurate.

But what about vulnerability management? Sure, Microsoft has some built-in scanning solutions that will automatically tell you which SQL servers are vulnerable, but do you have the internal bandwidth to go through all these findings to ensure they are not false positives? Then, go back into each scanning solution to update the policies to continuous tune them? Remember, you have to scan DBs, VMs, containers, file registries and your source code for vulnerabilities. All of these pertain to a different scanning tool, making it a pain to manage on your own.

Scaling and Disaster Recovery

As an enterprise, it is essential to be able to quickly scale up or down depending on your current business model. To effectively scale and account for disaster recovery situations, you will need constant cloud support to proactively plan out the scenarios that would trigger a scaling plan.

Network Management

Even though Amazon, Google, or Microsoft provides you with the underlying infrastructure, it is still up to you to manage network connectivity. Specialized cloud support will be needed to implement firewall changes and ensure those container environments properly communicate. You do not want to risk having an outage that could cost your company money per minute of downtime. Allow the professionals at IND Corporation to help to monitor and manage your cloud environment.

At the end of the day, unless you are just playing in a sandbox environment in the cloud, you will need some cloud support to ensure you understand the ins and outs of each facet. Getting involved with Google, Amazon, and Microsoft clouds can be very intimidating to a new user. If you are not careful, one wrong setting could potentially result in unwanted charges to your company account – ouch! Do the right thing and contact IND Corporation to ask about the cloud support services we offer. Our team of dedicated support specialists will help make your life a little easier.