Managed IT Services for NJ Biotech, Research Labs and Pharmaceutical Firms

Managed IT Services for NJ Biotech, Research Labs and Pharmaceutical Firms

New Jersey’s science and research labs, pharmaceutical firms, testing labs, and life sciences companies all deal with time-sensitive experiments and highly confidential data. Not to mention, concerns around maintaining fast, ready access to that data, and keeping proprietary information and formulas protected.

With NJ’s biotech facilities pushing more data into the cloud, and users collaborating via cloud-based applications, it’s crucial that lab workers, researchers, clinical trial administrators and other stakeholders deal with a computing network that is fast, compliant, and safe from cyber intrusions.

Optimized computing for R&D and testing labs

Let’s face it—the R&D cycle time does not have time to wait for your network to do its job as expected.

Whether you operate a small research lab with only a few precious products in the pipeline, or a large research and testing lab doing work for major pharmaceutical brands, there’s a lot at stake regarding the outcomes. You need the assurance of a well-oiled infrastructure . . . an optimized computing system that maximizes your organization’s investment in the hardware, software, and people. There’s no time for downtime in a high-pressure environment of quality assurance and testing.

Add in the regulatory and compliance factors, and it’s crucial that a lab maintain network security at all times, and all costs. Consider these potential liabilities:

Your team cannot access your secure portal easily.

The data being uploaded or shared there is not truly secure.

Your system is slowing down your time to market due to sluggish computing or spotty internet connectivity.

Your current IT partner does not offer proactive network monitoring and maintenance.

The formula for better computing: IND’s TotalCare IT plans

IND Corporation’s TotalCare managed IT services plans make sure your lab’s computing infrastructure is secure, that it’s operating at peak performance, and that your team can get online and share data easily and quickly. Real-time access to R&D data, trial analytics and more is crucial, so internet connectivity is key.

With TotalCare, your system is proactively monitored and maintained, 24/7, so issues are handled before the morning shift comes in to pull those samples. Our end-to-end solutions for life sciences, pharmaceutical research, and quality assurance and testing labs keeps data and proprietary research safe.

  • Internet failover protocols keep your technicians working, even when your primary internet connection goes down.
  • Security patches are automatically applied to keep data and proprietary research safe from cyber theft.
  • File sharing is secure, data is encrypted.
  • Automatic backups ensure your team will access the right data when they need it; nothing is lost, even if the system fails.
  • Unlimited on-site or remote tech support; one-hour urgent care minimize downtime.
  • Risk assessment and management helps decision-makers budget smarter, plan for future technology upgrades, and keeps your system steps ahead of possible data breaches.
  • Asset and vendor management reduce the paperwork burden on your team so they can concentrate on finding the next big cure.

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