Managed IT Services for Entertainment and Hospitality Venues

Managed IT Services for Entertainment and Hospitality Venues

Whether you’re running a five-star hotel or a country club, a multi-screen movie theatre or multi-faceted sports complex, your New Jersey entertainment or hospitality venue can’t afford downtime, glitchy Wi-Fi, or a POS system that’s non-compliant. Your guest experience needs to be seamless to stay competitive and your computing needs to be up and running as expected to provide great customer service as well as for your network’s protection.

Your computing infrastructure must be configured correctly, and managed and monitored, to meet your business goals. Areas to review with your managed IT services contractor include:

Internet connectivity – Do you have the right type of connection for your business to begin with? For example, if you’re operating a multi-location business such as a hotel/motel chain or restaurants that must send data between locations or from multiple locations to corporate headquarters, you’ll need a different configuration than a one-unit operation. Regardless of the setup, it must be secure to protect against cybercrime.

Wi-Fi – Guests have no time for slow Wi-Fi service—and they should not have to worry about data security when using yours, either. Are you offering them a fast and secure Wi-Fi connection? Guests expect to be able to log on easily to share pictures of their experience at your venue, to use your business center computers or their mobile devices, or to connect to home or the office while away—without concern about whether their files or personal data is at risk.

Business continuity – Regardless of the type of connection you primarily rely on, it’s crucial to have the best failover options installed and maintained for your business continuity, should your internet connection go down for any reason. Otherwise, your operation will grind to a standstill.

POS system – Gift shops, pro shops, restaurants, and concession stands all rely on stable computing and fast transaction processing.

  • PCI compliance is critical; are you sure your system meets current standards for security?
  • Do your front-of-the-house units communicate reliably and accurately to the back-of-the-house? When restaurant orders are not reaching the kitchen, do you really want your servers to break out paper order forms and checks?
  • Is your system properly integrated to ensure your sales and inventory reports provide the data you need, when you need it?

Reservation and check-in system – Is your front desk bogged down by slow internet traffic or poor connections to your central system? Do you have the latest software updates on your system, or did you IT partner miss a few versions? How about security patches? Make sure your infrastructure provides the speed and security your reservation system needs to protect guests’ private data, ensure that those guest rooms are really available, and provide a great first impression.

Is Your IT Partner Meeting Your Organization’s Needs?

Has your IT partner taken the time to understand your business and how your data is collected, stored, and shared? Do you have a project management team of network engineers and consultants who will configure the right network and review your configuration against business goals periodically? Does your managed IT services contractor provide proactive system monitoring and maintenance? What about offering cloud solutions and secure mobile access for remote workers or locations?

With IND Corporation’s TotalCare managed services plans, your NJ entertainment or hospitality venue gets a comprehensive array of managed IT services that keep your staff working, your guests happy, your decision makers fully informed, and your network more secure.

Our one-hour urgent-issue response guarantee extends throughout New Jersey, from Atlantic City’s casinos and hotels to Skylands golf resorts, from the state’s baseball stadiums and amusement parks to conference centers and theatres.

IND’s unlimited remote and onsite IT support and consulting ensures your technology meets your operation’s goals.

24/7 network monitoring and maintenance means your security patches are always updated and someone is always watching for potential threats to your system—and often correcting them before your first employee punches in at the start of a shift.

Want to know more about enhancing and protecting your venue’s computing network? Contact IND for a no-cost consultation at 973-947-8045.