Managed IT Services for Engineering, Architecture and Construction Firms

Managed IT Services for Engineering, Architecture and Construction Firms

Construction companies — from environmental and civil engineering firms to architects and general contractors — have IT needs very specific to their work life. Make sure your managed IT services provider understands those needs to ensure your business tech solutions are built on a solid foundation.

Mobile workers require mobile access.
With multiple employees in the field at any given time, workers need mobile computing and remote access to all of your business systems. That means your engineering, architecture or construction firm needs secure mobile devices to enable remote workers to access corporate email, documents, plans, time sheets, and more. Mobile device management systems allow your organization to provision, secure and manage your mobile devices, apps and content – whether the devices are owned by your company or by the employee.

Don’t forget to ask your IT service partner about setting up mobile hot spots in case job sites don’t have Internet or good cellular service!

Keep devices and corporate data secure.
Make sure your IT services partner implements a secure gateway between the triangle of home office, the field (or many fields), and the Cloud. In addition, device encryption will protect your corporate data against loss or theft, and it is imperative that you provide a Cloud or server-based location for storing important documents (and back it up) to prevent the data loss should an endpoint fall irretrievably into a pit, end up in the pile of gravel, or get swiped from a table when no one is looking.

Update and maintain business systems.
Your design/build team can’t afford to lag behind the competition with outdated CAD software or slow computers. Implement pro-active computer maintenance and software update procedures that ensure your highly-paid employees are using computers that are kept in peak performance through nightly and weekly preventative maintenance and software updates (and security patches).

It is crucial that your managed IT services company maintains your workstations properly to avoid sluggish performance or expensive downtime (and the expense of an employee who can’t work because the computer isn’t working as it should).

Remember, computer updates should always be performed at night or when the computer isn’t in use so that your employees don’t have to wait while updates are applied to their computer.

File management and collaboration in the Cloud.
The Cloud enables companies of all sizes and types to transfer large files and to collaborate more effectively. Whether your employees are sharing blueprints, site elevations, interior design plan or other large image-based files, you should be able to transfer them easily and securely between users, workstations, or between desktop and mobile devices.

Some of our clients prefer on-premise server or a hybrid solution to ensure their office workers have speedy access to files. Virtual desktops can also bea good choice for standardizing the work space for your information workers.

Workstations that are up to the task.
Your users need powerful workstations that are up to the task of working on those large files. Computers have an accepted lifespan for peak performance of three to four years; as we wrote in a previous post, trying to extend the life of the computers at your design firm is not a cost-saving measure.

Trying to extend the lifespan of your computers ends up costing time and money as they slow down and lead to productivity challenges for your employees. Your managed IT services provider should be working with you proactively to cycle new desktops or laptops into circulation on a regular basis via a pro-active asset management strategy.

If you want to make sure your business technology is where it needs to be, contract for IND Corporation’s flat-rate, fixed-cost TotalCare package.

IND’s TotalCare plans include pro-active IT asset planning and IT consulting, 24/7/365 network monitoring, a range of workstation maintenance services, and unlimited IT support services that will ensure your remote and on-premise users (and computers) are working collaboratively across devices and platforms with greater security and speed. The result? An optimized computing infrastructure that runs at peak performance, maximizing the ROI on your IT assets.

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