Managed IT Services Eliminates The Need For A Break and Fix Service

Managed IT Services Eliminates The Need For A Break and Fix Service 

With Managed IT Services, Nothing Ever Breaks In The First Place

With the hustle and bustle happening between office walls, many businesses don’t want to be cluttered by excess employees, nor do they want to waste valuable work time fumbling with IT related tasks. That’s why so many companies are choosing to outsource their IT-related needs, and turning to a managed IT service or a break-fix provider. While both are solid solutions, this post will discuss how a managed service provider can eliminate the need for a break-fix service.

Virtual Assistance

Utilizing a managed IT service provider is especially ideal for businesses that do not have dedicated IT personnel. We perform maintenance tasks on a regular basis to ensure computers are operating at peak performance and are as secure as possible. Even in the event of a system crash, IND’s team provides unlimited onsite and virtual support to get your team back up and running in under an hour. With a break-fix provider, your office will rack up downtime as they wait for the provider to respond, and spend more time waiting for them to uncover the issue and remedy the problem.

Consistent Monitoring

That brings us to our next point. With a managed IT service on your side, your network will be continually maintained and monitored 24/7. If we notice a blip in your system or a threat of disaster, our team will immediately take action to improve the situation. With a managed service provider, your network will experience less overall issues, since we remedy small problems before they turn into big ones and affect your workflow. If your team solely relies on a break-fix service, they will need to take up unnecessary time deciphering where your issue stemmed from, since they are not consistently updating your systems and tracking issues.

Flat-Rate Fees

Another perk of managed IT service is the flat-rate fee that comes with it. Break-fix services bill your business each time you call on them. Managed IT service providers charge a flat-rate fee that includes all monitoring and maintenance services. When an issue occurs, we will fix it on our end, at no additional charge, whether we need to come to your office or not.

While it ultimately comes down to which type of service is best suited to your company’s unique needs, your IT service should never go uncovered. Whether you opt for the unreliability and variable cost of a break-fix service, or decide to experience the benefits of a managed IT service provider, IND Corporation has the expertise you’re looking for.