IT Vendor Management, the IND Way

IT Vendor Management, the IND Way

Imagine your company’s internet is acting up, throwing your operation into chaos. You call your IT service contractor, who confirms that it’s not the equipment that their company installed or manages. Your internet line is down and—sorry!—you have to call your internet service provider.

Now you call your ISP, hit too many numbers to reach the support desk; hunt through your files for the contract, account number and terms of service; and wait far too long for the service technician to walk you (or your employee) through the troubleshooting steps. The tech determines that an on-site visit is required to fix the problem and gives you a service ticket number—but YOU have to follow up on that service call status or coordinate the on-site support.

Do you really have time for all that while running a business? Or do you want to pay your employees to deal with that time-consuming nonsense, when they should be doing their real jobs?

We didn’t think so. That’s why IND Corporation offers a better way, with stress-free vendor management as part of your comprehensive TotalCare managed IT services plan.

IND’s vendor management saves you time, hassles, money

As part of our network monitoring and maintenance, IND Corp. offers vendor management services that take all the hassle out of dealing issues related to all of your business technology.

Can’t get online? Photocopier’s on the fritz? One call to IND and our technician will determine the nature of the problem, contact the service provider for you, follow up on the status of the repair, and keep your team updated throughout the process.

We maintain a complete file of all your hardware and software vendors, with account numbers and contract information. And because we handle these problems for our customers every day, we know how to fast-track your support and resolve the issue efficiently. We’ve done it thousands of times over the years, saving our customers many thousands of man hours, headaches, and countless dollars in productivity costs.

Pro tip: We recommend that all our clients have a second internet service provider as a failover in the event of a connectivity failure. Your internet traffic will automatically switch to your backup connection and, since we proactively monitor your network 24/7, we are already aware of the problem and will reach out to your ISP to remedy the situation on your primary internet line.

IND’s vendor management service also includes a thorough cost analysis of all your business technology costs, from your phone system to internet connectivity to security system to peripherals. We benchmark your costs against the market’s prevailing prices; if we see you’re spending more than you should on anything, we’ll investigate it and get you competitive pricing. It’s one more way that IND’s TotalCare can save you 20-40% on your managed IT costs.

Additional technology services from IND Corp.

Did you know that in addition to full network monitoring and maintenance, IND can manage your network cabling when you’re moving into a new space or reconfiguring your existing office? In doing so, we’ll also show you how to improve network security and connectivity.

On one client’s floor plans, we noticed only one firewall and a single wireless access point in the back of their new office, which we knew meant a weak Wi-Fi signal up front. After informing the client of the potential problem and recommending additional wireless access points be installed (the client decided to install three), IND worked out the change order with the vendor, and supervised the wiring configuration and computer placement, making for a smoother installation and reducing possible downtime or business disruptions.

Wouldn’t your team be more productive without having to manage multiple technology vendors and the issues that arise with your business IT? Contact IND Corporation to discuss how our TotalCare managed IT services plans improve your employee productivity and your company’s bottom line by saving time and money on your IT for your New Jersey business.