IT Services for NJ Manufacturers and Distributors

The orders are placed, the products are ready to ship. Suddenly, your server conks out, your computing network gets hacked, or you lose power to your facility. Now what?

After all, busy manufacturing and distributing companies can’t afford costly downtime associated with network failures or cyber-intrusions. How much money do you lose when your systems are down every hour?

Imagine losing access to your accounting modules, inventory or warehouse management programs, HR records, vendor management/CRM software, and more. Or, in the case of a natural disaster or prolonger power outage, having work come to a standstill because your company lacks business continuity protocols and protections.

These problems can all be averted with the proper computing network monitoring and maintenance as a start. But network maintenance isn’t always about what can go wrong with your facility’s computing system; it’s also vital that as you are regularly planning for the future of your IT systems and reviewing their health so that as your company grows or changes, that your systems are able to smoothly keep up with that growth. Or, if you’re moving to cloud computing, that the migration is smooth and minimizes disruption to worker productivity.

Then there’s the matter of keeping your company secrets, well, a secret. Cyber security should be top of mind for all decision makers in every sector, including manufacturing and distributing. This is especially true with today’s mobile work force. If you have outside sales people in the field, and they are sending orders to your headquarters, are those orders, files or emails encrypted? Are the right cyber security systems installed on your office computers as well as mobile devices to protect that data?

Beyond sensitive data about clients and vendors, are you doing everything you can to keep your successful automation or processing procedures out of competitors’ hands?

Managed IT services for manufacturing and distributing companies

For all these reasons and more, it’s vital that your managed IT services partner provides 24/7 system monitoring and maintenance, performs regular assessments of your IT systems (whether on-premise or in the Cloud), pro-actively helps you plan changes to your IT systems, implements BYOD and mobile computing best practices across devices and users, and ensures that security patches and software updates are implemented in a timely manner. Does your managed IT services partner provide all that—and unlimited remote or on-site technical support and one-hour urgent care in New Jersey?

IND Corporation does.

With our comprehensive TotalCare managed IT services program, we work with NJ manufacturers and distributors to keep their systems running efficiently, maximize worker productivity, and save money on the hidden costs of downtime. Our team includes a dedicated business analyst who will develop your custom IT roadmap to pro-actively manage your IT assets. We also have a robust network monitoring and maintenance program; provide software updates and integrations, and cloud solutions and support for ERP, unlimited IT support, cybersecurity training and much more.

You can read about our full-service TotalCare programs for manufacturing companies here.

About that cybersecurity …

As experts in cybersecurity for NJ manufacturing and distributing companies, IND Corporation was at the 2017 Manufacturing Day in October and presented “Disaster Recovery-Business Continuity-Cyber Security: What every Company Needs to Know.” We shared valuable tips about:

  • The need for a business continuity plan for all users (and that all users are familiar with);
  • How to recover files in the event of a natural disaster or system failure;
  • Protecting corporate data across devices and users; and
  • Training users on how to spot phishing and other scams that hackers use to infiltrate files and wreak havoc with operations that have no time for downtime.


Could your company use that level of care for your IT systems — plus IT consulting to keep your business moving forward in the right direction? Contact IND Corporation at 973-287-4782 to discuss your operation’s needs.