IT Considerations When Hiring Seasonal Staff

IT Considerations When Hiring Seasonal Staff

Will My IT Change With Seasonal Staff?

Hiring seasonal or contractual IT employees should only benefit your company, not hinder it. To ensure this process is seamless, there are some things you can do in the interim to step up these new hires for a successful experience.


Any seasonal staff being brought on should endure the same onboarding process as a regular employee would. Onboarding is critical for several reasons. First, it makes the person hired as seasonal staff feel included and apart of the team. Team morale can go along ways in boosting performance and encouraging good behavior. Second, is seasonal staff need to go through the same onboarding security awareness training as everyone else. Never skimp on security training. Having a security first approach is the only way you can hold your seasonal IT staff accountable for working with the best interest of the company at heart. Lastly, it will be imperative that seasonal staff members review and adhere to any company security policies based off of this onboarding training.


To encourage a positive, productive and secure workplace, it is recommended that you provide the same working conditions for seasonal staff members as you would regular employees. This includes things like office space, computers, and company perks. You will be amazed at the difference in performance when everyone is working in the same environment, on the same equipment and enjoying similar benefits. This approach helps to prevent any inter-employee scrutiny as well as intentional disobedience.

Protect your Data

At the end of the day, you have to protect your company’s assets at all costs. For seasonal employees to enjoy the benefits of a regular employee, they must adhere to the same security controls. Ensuring that things like a password policy, multi-factor authentication, and role-based access controls are in place for all employees will prevent data loss in the scenario of a malicious hire. It is not recommended, but if you want to allow seasonal staff the ability to work remotely as a company perk, then you will need to ensure proper VPN controls are set in place as well as proactive activity monitoring.

You may be thinking “I need to hire a seasonal staff now, but I do not have any of the recommended controls in place to ensure my security” If that’s the case, contact IND today. We can help you scale and fit appropriate controls to suit the needs of your company’s goals. By taking the proactive steps now to ensure the protection of your company assets, you can prevent possible data loss, litigation, and in-house incidents that may occur from avoiding any of the controls described above. Allow the professionals at IND Corporation help you successfully implement a solid onboarding plan for seasonal staff IT members.