Is Your IT Partner Properly Managing Your NJ Insurance Agency’s Network?

Is Your IT Partner Properly Managing Your NJ Insurance Agency’s Network?

If you’re operating a New Jersey insurance brokerage or insurance underwriting firm, you’re working in a highly competitive market. Can your company afford to run afoul of insurance regulations and compliance matters when it comes to your computing? Or, deal with a system failure that prevents you from writing or renewing policies and handling your clients’ needs?

An important insurance policy for your computing network is to have an IT partner who understands the insurance industry and what it takes to keep your system up and running as expected. Your checklist should include:

  • Compliance – Is your IT services firm up to date on key compliance issues regarding health insurance and financial data? Is your computing meeting HIPAA, FINRA, and PCI regulations?
  • Cybersecurity measures – Like financial institutions, insurance firms share and store a lot of sensitive data, whether it’s about patient health, claims, or client finances. It’s critical that your network be up to date on the latest security measures. Are your server and data pipeline shielded from cyber intrusion? Are your files being encrypted to protect sensitive data?
  • Secure mobile access – Can your clients safely and easily gain access to their coverage and related information on your website or portal? Are your agents able to pull up the information they need when they’re out in the field?
  • Proactive network monitoring/maintenance – No one can afford costly downtime that puts operations at a full stop. Does your managed IT services firm provide 24/7/365 network monitoring and maintenance to catch problems before they become shutdowns?

At IND Corporation, we work with insurance providers and related firms throughout New Jersey, providing the network insurance they need to run their systems securely and reliably. With our TotalCare managed IT services plans, insurance agencies and carriers can be assured of saving valuable time and money by avoiding costly downtime that disrupts business, puts your workforce on hold, and frustrates clients … not to mention, helps you avert the disaster that ensues when malware and viruses infect your network.

Among its many features, TotalCare offers:

  • Urgent, one-hour response time – we can dispatch our network technicians to handle your emergency on-site issue and get you back up and running in time to process those claims.
  • Unlimited remote and on-site tech support – your team can call in any time to troubleshoot computing problems
  • 24/7 monitoring and maintenance – our technicians are watching your network to catch potential problems, detect intrusions and viruses, apply security updates when they’re released, and perform system backups at regularly scheduled times.
  • Fixed-cost programs that you can budget for more easily.
  • Virtual CIO services – rather than add to your payroll, our virtual CIOs work with you to determine the applications you need, share the latest cloud solutions, and more.
  • Periodic network and system reviews with our consultants to ensure your computing meets business goals and is up to date with the latest standards and solutions.

Provide better client service, keep your data protected, and make your computing easier on your team. Contact IND Corporation for a no-cost evaluation of your network and find out how we can make a positive impact on your business.