Is Your IT Budget Realistic?

Is Your 2020 IT Budget Realistic?


Are you having trouble settling on the right IT budget? Are you unsure about where to allocate your funds? IND Corporation will help you resolve your budgeting qualms and ensure that your future IT budget fits realistically into your company’s goals.


Now that IT plays a role in nearly every aspect of a business, it’s important that we integrate tech budgets into the long-term goals of a company. Your business’s tech budget should include everything from working professionals, necessary hardware, cloud platforms, and more.

Once you layout every component to your IT budget, you will likely find that there is more to it than you initially thought. That’s when businesses tend to formulate an unrealistic budget. If you are not taking into account every aspect of your business and its relating IT components, you will largely underestimate how much funding you will need to allocate. The percentage of revenue that a company should spend on their IT varies greatly from industry to industry. However, a good ballpark range is 7%.


When it comes down to it, the most realistic budget is one you can rely on month over month. Poor planning will result in large variability between IT budgets, leaving your team scrambling to make ends meet.

A flat-rate budget, like in the plan offered by IND Corporation, ensures that all of your IT needs are taken care of for one consistent rate each month. A flat-rate plan keeps your IT budget in check, and will allow you to easily plan accordingly as your business grows.


When a budget remains constant month over month, businesses can easily plan for their future endeavors since money allocation remains consistent. IND Corporation will sit down with your team to develop a customized IT roadmap that outlines any IT adjustments your team may need to make in the coming year, such as new equipment, updated software, or scaling features.

For instance: if your desktops are nearing their life’s end, but your team does not have the funds to replace them at the present moment, we will integrate this price into your 12-month roadmap This plan will look out into the next 12 months, helping your team to stay on track with their IT budget.

IND Corporation is committed to easing the lives of businesses by taking on their IT management. With a better understanding of your internal IT budget, you can easily plan for the moths to come. Allow IND to set you up with our flat-rate managed service plan and create a roadmap to keep your team on track. For more information on our services, feel free to reach out to our team.