Invest in Wireless Site Surveys

Invest in Wireless Site Surveys

Why Free Tools Aren’t Enough for Wireless Site Surveys

How successful have you been with picking and arranging furniture using the IKEA app? Not that successful I guess because, for most people, the arranged furniture never ends up fitting your room as advertised. This is similar to conducting a wireless site survey using free tools of the internet. These free tools don’t always work as advice and have limitations that could make a mess of your survey.

Although you may have read reviews on free wireless site survey, it is worth stating that their actual performance may be underwhelming when put to use. This is not to denigrate the capabilities of free tools but to inform you about the loopholes you may have to deal with when conducting a wireless site survey. Some of the loopholes include the following:

  1. Not Detecting latest Wi-Fi Standards – It is important to know that most free survey tools do not have the capacity to distinguish between 802.11 ac AP and other larger channel widths. This means you will not be able to pinpoint or differentiate between other competing signals from interfering sources such as a microwave or even a blue tooth device.
  2. Limited Ability with Performing Surveys – There are three types of wireless site surveys: the predictive site survey, passive and active site survey. The predictive site survey is a virtual survey that predicts or plans the wireless network using information from the site. The passive survey uses software to listen to the Wi-Fi environment while an active survey involves the use of a surveying device. Most free tools can only assist you with a predictive wireless site survey and this will be inadequate for large installation areas and dense environments.
  3. Inadequate Details – Most free tools do not have the capacity to conduct a detailed survey of that accounts for the number of Apps the client will require. It is important to note that a 10% margin of error will be accounted for in the long run.

Lastly, it is important to note that free wireless site survey tools do not have the capability to determine how much signal is been bled out of a specified structure into public areas. This unspecified bleeding can cause security risks due to the loopholes in the wireless network.

While free wireless site survey tools are easier on the budget, they won’t give you the results you’re looking to achieve. Put your trust in the digital experts at IND Corporation. We have the knowledge and expertise you’re looking for.