Information Monitoring and Maintaining On-premise vs. Cloud

Information Monitoring and Maintaining On-premise vs. Cloud

On-premise vs. Cloud: How do Your IT Support Differ?

Traditionally, on-premise network monitoring has been the norm for business circles. Today, the stability and maturity of cloud-based IT monitoring and maintenance solutions are currently taking center stage. But an important question remains: When should each option be chosen?

This question can be answered through a holistic evaluation of both on-premise and cloud-based solutions. First and foremost, on-premise IT solutions are the software and hardware devices used in managing or supporting your IT structure. On the other hand, cloud-based solutions are basically SaaS solutions, since their applications are hosted in the cloud and maintained by the service provider. From the definition alone, it is easy to note some of the benefits of both and how they differ.

On-Premise Monitoring and Maintenance Solutions: The Benefits

On-premise IT solutions for monitoring networks and other IT infrastructure are generally deployed in-house. Therefore, it gives business owners total control over their monitoring and maintenance infrastructure. Some of the benefits of on-premise solutions include:

  1. Great Control over Application – Many IT professionals choose to go the on-premise route because it allows for total control over every aspect of the application. On-premise solutions can be configured and customized to meet business needs in a way most cloud-based solution can’t match.
  2. Control Over Data Security – Another reason why on-premise solutions are favored is due to cybersecurity issues and the need to protect sensitive data from the public. On-premise IT solutions provide that sort of power and control over who access certain data and where stored data is kept.

Taking a look at the cons of on-premise monitoring and maintenance IT solutions, here are some important problems to be aware of:

  1. Installation, Configuration, and Setup Issues – Setting up an on-premise solution requires expertise and a professional understanding of a business’s needs. If the installation process is done wrong, the entire IT infrastructure will crumble.
  2. Cost and Access to Data – Another drawback with setting up an on-premise IT infrastructure is the cost. This process is truly capital consuming as you will need to create a complete IT department in-house. Some on-premise solutions also limit access to data from multiple devices. This can be a setback if your employees intend to work on-the-go.

Cloud-based Monitoring and Maintenance Solutions

One of the major reasons cloud solutions are loved is the ease of deploying and configuring them for business use. All the heavy lifting has been done by the service providers. Some of the benefits include:

  1. Easy to Manage – A cloud-based monitoring solution is easier to manage when compared to the alternative. This is because the service provider monitors and maintains every aspect of your network for you.
  2. Pay as You Use – The payment flexibility that comes with this option is a great perk for SMEs. Your business can use the infrastructure it needs and scale up or down at will.

The cons of a cloud-based IT infrastructure lie mostly in the ever-present cybersecurity threats hovering around them. Cloud services are usually targeted by phishing attacks, Ransomware, and DDoS attacks due to the rich rewards hackers expect if attacks are successful. That’s why finding the right IT provider with ample knowledge of cybersecurity is essential.

IND Corporation will take all your IT-related needs into account, and customize a hybrid solution tailored just for you. Some aspects of your network may benefit from on-premise hosting, while others will be more cost efficient in the cloud. Yet, no matter what configuration you decide on, your experts will implement top-level security precautions to ensure every aspect of your business is safe.

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