IT Support For Financial Firms

How IND’s TotalCare IT Support Package Helps Financial Firms Return More to the Bottom Line

TotalCare IT Support For Financial Firms

There is far too much on the line in the financial services sector to leave IT support and service to just anyone. Accounting firms, banks, brokerages and lending institutions, financial planning and retirement planning firms—any company dealing with money and sensitive client information can leave nothing to chance when it comes to their information technology, whether its onsite or in the Cloud.

We’ve all read the news stories about security and data breaches, and almost all companies have experienced the loss of revenue and productivity when their computer systems aren’t working.

For New Jersey wealth management and financial services firms, there’s no need to experience this havoc with an all-inclusive TotalCare managed IT services plan.

IND’s IT support team understands that financial firms are heavily regulated, must conform to very specific compliance guidelines, and are dealing with highly sensitive data. We also have the well-rounded experience to deal with many different accounting, fund management and other financial services software applications.

TotalCare managed IT services for New Jersey financial services firms include a broad array of IT support services for one flat rate that provide:

1) Security.

A. Encrypted email – encrypt your emails during transmission to ensure maximum privacy for confidential data.

B. Secure your files and applications – protect against unwanted intruders with our on-premise and Cloud-based security solutions.

C. Mobility solutions – we enable your employees to securely access company email, files and your business applications from their mobile devices or home computers. Keep corporate data secure on smartphones, tablets and home computers while still enabling users to get access to what they need and when they need it.

2) Reliable, full-system backups to provide you with both complete disaster recovery and business continuity options. Store and access archived data for whatever length of time you need. Never misplace key records or lose files.

3) Compliance. Our IT consulting team is experienced with the IT security and reporting requirements of FINRA, Sarbanes-Oxley, SEC and others, and make sure your system is able to produce the right reports at the right time to meet those compliance requirements.

4) Productivity. Clients always have access to their information and your employees can perform their functions thanks to IND Corporation’s:

A. 24/7/365 system monitoring and nightly maintenance that keeps things running and prevents or greatly reduces any downtime due to system failures.

B. Managed IT support that enables our technicians to identify potential vulnerabilities and remediate them efficiently.

C. Unlimited remote and onsite IT support to avert unnecessary business disruptions.

D. Guaranteed one-hour urgent response time to financial institutions across northern New Jersey.

5) Cost efficiency. What financial services firm doesn’t like that?

A. By budgeting for fixed-cost, all-inclusive IT service and support, there are no surprises in terms of ongoing IT expenses.

B. You do not have to carry an IT manager on the payroll; we manage all your vendor relationships, pro-actively manage your IT assets, and regularly perform software/hardware maintenance.

C. Risk is mitigated since you avert many of the hard and soft costs that arise from system failure; your equipment is always working at its peak.

D. Your team is able to better plan for IT upgrades with our IT consultants, who act as a virtual CIO for your financial services firm. A dedicated network engineer will analyze your IT assets on a regular basis to ensure you are protected from security and productivity problems.

Contact us at 973-227-5020 to find out how you can keep your company’s IT costs in the black, boost your firm’s productivity, and reduce risk with IND’s TotalCare managed IT services.