How to Manage Your Company’s IT Assets and Plan for the Future

How to Manage Your Company’s IT Assets and Plan for the Future

Do your IT assets align with your business goals?

Does your IT partner conduct a full business analysis against your IT system?

Your business technology investment is significant, so it’s vital that your system helps you meet your business goals today . . . and that you are prepared for the necessary changes as your company grows in the future.

A core part of what your IT partner does (or should do) is to help you properly manage your IT assets and plan for your company’s future growth and investment. This starts with a full IT and business analysis, from your hardware to software to the systems you’re running, whether on premise or in the cloud. Then, together, you should evaluate how your computing network stacks up against your corporate goals.

The first step is for you, as the business owner, to share your business plan that spells out your operational model and your projected revenues for the foreseeable future—one year, two years, or five years out. Regularly review that plan with your IT partner. Then, make sure your IT services provider:

1 – Conducts a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) of all your technology assets in order to identify any areas of concern, from outdated devices to cybersecurity.

2 – Puts together a plan to address any current deficiencies and to meet future growth.

For example, do you know in advance what changes will be needed in your computing infrastructure to accommodate more users, greater bandwidth, new cloud applications, or mobile device management? No matter what kind of system you have today, there will always be limitations down the line and updates (and associated expenses) to plan for. Remember, there was a time when dial-up was the only way to connect to the internet.

3 – Helps you proactively plan and budget for IT and corporate growth.

  • If your workforce and number of devices balloon quickly and your system was set up for an office of ten people, that system will be strained and slow down, sometimes to a deadly halt, killing productivity.
  • Your software licenses may become too expensive and you’ll need to budget for other, more cost-efficient ways to compute, such as cloud-based SaaS.
  • You’ll avoid the operational and financing disruptions that can occur when you and your IT partner are unprepared for technology upgrades.

4 – Advises you of your IT options so that you can make smart business decisions. Those periodic review meetings should include information about new technology and systems that could serve your NJ business well. Ask about the time and materials costs to implement upgrades, or what it will take to migrate your entire system. By making the appropriate (budgeted) network updates before it’s too late, you’ll avoid getting stuck with an outdated system that’s become too expensive to run … or replace.

5 – Conducts a full IT asset inventory. This means going through your entire IT estate and providing you with a complete list of assets, from software licenses to company laptops. This list should include each item’s age and warranty renewal date (so you know what to budget for) and must be maintained along with your system.

In tandem with this, work together to create a standard for your lifecycle replacement plan for all PCs and servers. This represents the legitimate length of time for your devices to be in service before you purchase a new warranty or replace the equipment, which affects your budget (and your operation).

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