How to Answer When Your Client Asks 'What Is Cloud Computing?'

How to Answer When Your Client Asks ‘What Is Cloud Computing?’

Are You Prepared to Answer, ‘What Is Cloud Computing?’

Tech-based buzzwords are popping up across every industry. Although your business may be well versed in the intricate jargon, clients may be feeling lost. The last thing you want as a business owner is a knowledge gap between you and your clients. Transparency is key to maintaining solid business relationships. So, if you find your clients asking, “what is cloud computing?” here’s what you should tell them.

What is Cloud Computing?: The Basics

To put it simply, cloud computing allows you to do anything that you would do on your local computer/server in the cloud. The cloud is confusing because it includes so many different types of services – from file storage, to backup, to application hosting (like a SalesForce CRM system), to website hosting and email hosting. Many consumer IT services are delivered via cloud technologies like Netflix.

What Cloud Computing is Not

When explaining the basics of cloud computing, it’s important to also detail what cloud computing does not entail. Cloud computing does not include the functions of a hard drive. Choosing to store data on a physical drive is known as local storage and computing. With the cloud, everything is stored through a virtual means. In turn, cloud computing also does not include network attached storage (NAS). These external servers also allow multiple computers to access its contents, but the data is still being stored on a physical entity.

Explain Cloud Computing Benefits

When it comes to businesses, clients can utilize several different forms of cloud computing. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) allows businesses to subscribe to an application and access it through the cloud. Platform-as-a-Service allows clients to build their own applications through the internet-hosted platform. Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provides computing services through the internet. No matter what your client’s needs are, cloud computing can work in their favor.

Whether clients understand the intricate details of cloud services or not, they’re really only worried about one thing: how it will benefit their company. First and foremost, explain to your client that cloud computing is completely custom solution to their IT infrastructure needs. With a personalized approach to network storage, backup, and recovery, they can rest assured that their data is stored in the most efficient way for their business. So, the next time a client asks, “what is cloud computing?” you can answer them in layman’s terms.

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