How IND Helps NJ Companies Stay Clear of the Dark Web

How IND Helps NJ Companies Stay Clear of the Dark Web

We are all accustomed to navigating the surface web—the publicly available, searchable level of the internet we all browse. But like an iceberg, this is only about 4% of all web content; the overwhelming bulk of web content lies beneath, in the deep web and the dark web.

The deep web is content that is not or cannot be indexed by standard search engines, such as intranets, limited access networks, online banking websites, medical records, and email clients. It is estimated to comprise 95% of all internet content.

The dark web is purposely hidden, accessible only through specialized software that is used to access this deep recess of the internet activity. The dark web is a tiny sliver of web content but it’s enormously dangerous because of its anonymity.

Because users on the dark web remain anonymous and untraceable, it is attractive to hackers, child pornographers, drug traffickers, black market dealers and all manner of cyber thieves.

Is your computing network next on their target list?

Dangers of the dark web

Let’s say your system’s been hacked and now your confidential data and login credentials have been stolen. Chances are:

  • The hacker will use this information to gain access to your accounts
  • Hackers will open fake accounts using your stolen identity
  • Cyber thieves will sell your information to other criminals as part of the dark web economy

Dark web users deal in cryptocurrencies that cannot be tracked, sell botting and hacking software and malware to each other . . . and access to your data.

You can see why you don’t want any of your corporate data or employee information to end up there, right?

Dark web monitoring helps NJ companies avert network disasters

As we continue to expand our managed IT services for our New Jersey clients, IND Corporation now provides a dark web monitoring service. Yes—we can get down deep to monitor any domain (URL, website) associated with your business to see if any of your accounts show up on the dark web.

Very often, we find employee email addresses that were also used to set up accounts on other platforms (such as WordPress or a social network). If that other platform is hacked, your employee’s information may be stolen, along with access to your corporate accounts. In turn, your corporate credentials that are used on other websites can be stolen, and there’s no end to how far hackers will get by using your stolen information.

If IND’s engineers find an account on the dark web with one of your corporate domain names on it, our system will send you an alert; if the software can identify which site was hacked, it will also provide that information so remedial steps can be taken right away. The first step: change the password on that hacked site as well as on any other website or platform on which you or your employees use the same password.

Password management

As we’ve written about before, IND also offers a proprietary password management program to our TotalCare managed IT services clients, which provides a hefty layer of protection around logins. This software limits your organization’s exposure to cyber theft by creating unique passwords for your users—without any human intervention or need to keep any records that can be easily stolen.

Cybersecurity training

To further minimize identity theft and cyber intrusion, we also offer cybersecurity training for your employees. This training helps them recognize phishing, malware and ransomware emails which are often the way hackers get into your system. This post has more information about how IND keeps our clients’ networks safe.

If your current IT services provider is not doing enough to protect your computing network and corporate data against dark web lurkers, contact IND Corp. at 973-947-4449 for a consultation. We’ll show you how our dark web monitoring software works, and how our comprehensive, fixed-cost TotalCare plans can help keep your network secure and running at its peak in so many ways.