How IND Corporation’s IT Road Map Ensures Your NJ Company Meets its Business Goals

How IND Corporation’s IT Road Map Ensures Your NJ Company Meets its Business Goals

We’ve talked before about what your IT services provider should be doing to align your IT with your corporate goals. Now we’ll share what IND Corporation does for our clients as part of our consultative approach to managed IT services.

At IND, we develop your IT road map- the strategic plan that helps make sure your IT assets meet your business goals now and down the road. Meet our technology cartographers:

Business analyst. We assign you a dedicated business analyst who will partner with your decision makers to review your business plan, do a thorough walk-through and evaluation of your current IT assets, and start creating your IT blueprint that aligns with your stated business goals.

Network engineer. An IND network engineer will join your team to conduct a regularly scheduled analysis of your computing system. This network administrator works with your business analyst to

  • Make sure that what you have in place is serving your business as expected,
  • Check that your system is performing at its peak, and
  • Identify any issues found within your computing system and discuss ways to remedy the problems with you. These problems may be vulnerabilities in your infrastructure that could lead to network penetration, insufficient bandwidth to handle your data, voice and video needs, outdated software, or issues concerning mobile devices.

Together, these business technology experts will meet periodically with you (business owner or C-level executives) to make sure you are proactively planning and budgeting for the IT assets you will need to support corporate growth. These productive conversations help us develop a strategic IT road map—a well-informed, carefully researched planning tool for growth and guidance, helping your team make smarter business decisions around your computing. Your IND IT road map includes:

  • Corporate goals – what are your objectives for revenues, profitability, employees, expansion plans, and computing needs?
  • IT objectives – how should your system to support your operation and goals?
  • Technology options – what are the different services or systems available to achieve your business and IT goals?
  • Budget – what are the numbers behind software or hardware upgrades, infrastructure and network changes, or migration to the cloud?

Remember, you can’t get there if you don’t know where you’re going, and you can’t save money if you don’t plan ahead.

The IND road map in action

A good example is illustrated by one IND client whose aging backup system was reaching the end of its useful lifespan. The client could invest in keeping it running as well as possible or replace it. Because of our periodic business and network analysis meetings, we knew that the client was planning a major acquisition that would mean taking on more servers and systems to accommodate the growth.

Knowing this in advance, we were able to help our client plan for this IT investment; the more cost-efficient approach was to get the proper-sized server ahead of the expansion that would serve the company well now and in the future. We were able to lay out a comfortable deployment time line as well, which minimized disruption to the client’s operation.

Every day at IND Corporation, we see the ROI of developing a meaningful, strategic IT plan and then executing that plan. Our TotalCare managed IT services plans include managing your IT strategy and IT assets as well as monitoring and maintaining your system. If you’d like to arrange a consultation and assessment of your current IT infrastructure or need help developing your actionable IT road map for your NJ business, contact IND and get on the road to better IT asset management with our proactive approach.