Hot and Cold Data Storage: Know the Difference

Hot and Cold Data Storage: Know the Difference

A Glimpse Into Hot and Cold Data Storage

In the realm of data, it’s common to hear a temperature tiered terminology to describe different levels of storage. But unless you’re privy to the tech jargon, you might not understand the differences. At IND Corporation, we are experts in data storage solutions and wanted to break down the difference between hot and cold data storage for you.

What is Hot Data Storage?

Hot storage refers to data that needs to be accessed right away. Oftentimes, critical business files will fall under this category. A great example of this is patient records at a medical office. When a patient comes in, his or her specific file needs to be readily available.

What is Cold Data Storage?

Cold data does not need to be accessed as frequently. Data that is no longer in use, such as old legal or financial files, fall into this category. The retrieval time for these sort of documents can be much slower than that of hot storage.

How is the Data Stored?

The difference between hot and cold data storage all comes down to how it is stored in a business’s network. Hot data is typically stored in a hybrid storage environment. This data needs to be immediately accessed, so it requires fast-acting drives in a centrally located region. Cold data is usually stored in less expensive storage environments. We typically see this phrase used when people are referring to purely offline storage. However, elastic cloud storage is a great solution to store your tong-term archive-able data.

Can I Have a Combination of Both?

Absolutely! IND Corporation understands that our clients handle mass amounts of data within their office walls, meaning both hot and cold data storage solutions are needed. To help our clients efficiently manage their documents and files, we develop a hybrid solution tailored to their specific business needs. On top of that, our team will assist in file migration and management to ensure your files are stored safely. An incredibly large amount of file storage requires and expert level of security. IND can integrate cyber-security solutions into whatever file storage your team chooses to adopt.

When it comes to data storage, its best to leave your sensitive data management to the experts. IND Corporation has years of experience working with both hot and cold data storage solutions, and are happy to integrate similar solutions into your business. Contact our experts today to learn how we can assist your team.