Help Your IT Service Provider Help You

Help Your IT Service Provider Help You

Tips for Preparing for Your IT Service Provider

Any change occurring within office walls, no matter how small, can pose significant stress to your employees. Even the slightest disruption of daily activity can induce a level of stress within your business. This is often a primary concern for businesses looking to switch their managed IT providers. At IND Corporation, we understand the stress that comes with taking on a new IT service provider. That’s why we’ve outlined a few tips to keep in mind, in both the on boarding process and beyond, to keep your team and ours on the same page.

Onboarding Process

Once we take on a new client, the initial onboarding phase is often the most cumbersome for the client. To ease the stress of change, make sure your team is prepared with proper information. As we onboard your team to our services, we need to collect data and information. Documents such as vendor contracts, license information, asset information, and passwords should all be handy. We try to make this initial phase move quickly, so try to gather these documents ahead of time.

Ongoing Relationship

Once your business has taken IND Corporation on as its managed IT service provider, we want to keep our relationship as transparent and helpful as possible. With that in mind, an IT provider relationship works two ways. We will remain open, honest, and diligently working for your team. In return, we hope you consider our expertise as a source of helpful information.

The experts at IND Corporation have been in the IT business for quite some time, and we know exactly which vulnerabilities to look for. We will provide your team with quarterly reviews that outline a high-level executive overview of all your technology positions. If we raise a red flag to your team, we suggest you take action. If you choose to look over any issues we uncover, your team’s IT infrastructure may suffer in the long run.

Keeping Up With Reporting

While we are an expert team of managed IT service providers, we don’t know everything that happens between your office walls. Notify your provider each time an issue occurs. For example, if an application is performing slowly, certain apps continue to crash, your reports are not working, or your physical computers are experiencing trouble. While we monitor the health and risks involved with your network, we still need internal insight from your team. If no one reports an issue, we won’t know that it is a recurring problem.

Your IT service provider is there to help you, not put stress on your business. If you work alongside your provider, inform them of any issues, and stay mindful of the resources they may need, your ongoing relationship will be extremely beneficial. To learn more about how IND Corporation assists our clients, contact one of our team members today. As expert managed IT service providers, we are committed to bringing your team the expertise it needs to thrive.