Got IT Issues? Invest in IT Consulting

Got IT Issues? Invest in IT Consulting

IT Consulting for a Struggling Business

The best decisions any business owner can make are decisions guided by hard facts or statistics as most people like to say. So, here are a few statistics that should interest you in 2019 before discussing how these issues can be mitigated by an IT consultant.

  1. 43% of cyber attacks will be aimed at breaching the security of small businesses.
  2. It takes or will take the average business 197 days to detect a data breach.
  3. Inadequate implementation of IT solutions could cost small business big.

With these statistics in mind, it is quite easy to see why businesses struggle with IT issues that can result in downtime, data loss and in extreme cases a negligence lawsuit. This is why the best and most capital efficient way to deal with IT-related problems is still bringing in the pros to forestall IT-related problems before they occur. Therefore, every business that works with IT infrastructure must consider investing in a reputable IT consulting service provider for the following reasons:

To Understand the Data Your Business Produces – Every business organization produces data in multiple ways. In e-commerce, this data could be customer information, inventory lists, and traffic to web platforms. While in more traditional businesses such as manufacturing, the day could be customer orders or the number of available materials for producing a product. And if you intend to receive business insight from the data your business collects, you will require a database administrator and a data analyst to manage your data. This is where the experience of an IT consultant is important. An IT consultant, like our team at IND Corporation, can deploy data analytics tools to turn your data into relational information that can boost productivity, customer relationship and business efficiency.

Strengthening Your Cybersecurity Framework – Securing your IT infrastructure from cyber-attacks and the issues that successful attacks can cause, is a business’s prerogative. This is why big businesses hire cybersecurity analysts to test and discover loopholes within networked systems and other IT infrastructure. For most SMEs, investing in an IT consultant is the recommended step to take. The consultant will be responsible for ensuring your IT infrastructure is correctly deployed, security certificates are updated and a working cybersecurity policy is in place.

In summary, it is important to know that every IT-related issue your business currently faces can be diagnosed and solved by a professional. This is why investing in an IT consultant or having an IT consulting firm on your side is the best recipe for dealing with IT issues. IND Corporation is committed to being your go-to IT consultant. While integrating IT best practices into your business, we’ll also educate you on proper business procedures and strengthen your overall network. Reach out to our team today to learn more.