Full-Service Managed IT for NJ Real Estate Agencies

Full-Service Managed IT for NJ Real Estate Agencies

When it comes to providing optimal managed IT services, almost every business has certain basic needs in common (accounting software, access to market data, data backup, system security, etc.). At the same time, every industry, such as real estate, has specific IT needs. Is your current IT services partner meeting the needs of your NJ real estate office?

Think mobility, connectivity, and security.

Real estate professionals are often on the road—driving to showings, hosting an open house, or meeting with a prospect about their listing. To keep everyone productive, most real estate agencies allow agents to use their own mobile devices (BYOD, or bring your own device), so it is essential to provide wireless mobility solutions to their team. Connecting to the office or to your cloud-based applications is a must and needs to be secure and seamless. If your power goes out or your location becomes inaccessible due to an extreme weather event or natural disaster, can your team still work remotely?

Agents need access to a variety of real estate technology tools (lead generation software, CRM, MLS), access dashboards and data to do market or comp research, to put together a professional-looking presentation, or to handle contracts and closing documents—either in the office or away. And, for multi-office brokerages, secure internet access between locations is crucial. Therefore, your computing system needs to be up and running as expected, with reliable internet connectivity, fast upload and download times, and secure access to keep proprietary or confidential information protected. Is your IT partner delivering that—and more?

Proactive IT management and support for New Jersey REALTORS

At IND Corporation, we know that when your office operations are humming along, the broker owner is happy, the sales manager is happy, and the top producers are happy because they can count on computing that supports their sales efforts.

We work with real estate brokerages across New Jersey that trust our TotalCare managed IT services plan to keep their office connected, systems backed up and protected, and their agents productive.

  • Our proactive, 24/7 system monitoring and maintenance ensures your data is secure and accessible, that your downtime is minimized in the event of a system failure or glitch, and that your software is updated on time. All of this happens while your team is out prospecting and selling real estate.
  • When your system is running as expected, your agents can easily access their customer relationship management and lead generation/router programs and MLS, get to their photo apps to post shots of their listings to social media, get market data to better serve customers, and maintain the leading edge in a competitive space.
  • With TotalCare, we go beyond network engineering with our consultative, proactive approach that helps broker owners plan for future IT needs; from hardware upgrades to cloud migration to the budget needed to stay competitive, our proactive, white glove service includes asset management so you always know what you have today and what you’ll need tomorrow.
  • It also includes vendor management that streamlines the whole process for you so you can concentrate on tracking leads and sales, not software and hardware vendors, renewals, or warranties.
  • Our white glove service means unlimited 24/7 support—remote help desk or on-site tech support, including one-hour urgent care for NJ real estate agencies.

From assessment to configuration, network customization to long-term management of your computing infrastructure, IND’s expert IT professionals can help deliver the enhanced efficiency, access, and security that help your team develop and maintain the strong client relationships so critical for success in today’s competitive world of real estate. Contact us at 973-227-5020 to discuss how we can provide proactive managed IT services for your New Jersey real estate company—whether it’s one office or multiple locations.