Essential Components to Your IT Roadmap

Essential Components to Your IT Roadmap

Does Your IT Roadmap Do it All?

An extensive IT strategy is one that takes into consideration the long and short term plans of a business with respect to growth, security, and a changing IT landscape. That’s why having a roadmap that takes into consideration every known and unknown disruptive factor is important. Does your business have an IT roadmap?

If your answer is no, it’s not too late to develop one. And if your answer is yes, then how extensive is it? In this post, we’ve outlined the four important components to consider when developing your IT roadmap.

4 Essential Components to Integrate in Your IT Roadmap

Identifying Your Strategic Objectives – The first step to creating a roadmap is having a thorough understanding of your business, its operational circles and the tech solutions it needs to achieve them. The identification should cover a 3 – 5 year process. With this knowledge, you can better understand the IT infrastructure and identify the supporting team to manage/operate the infrastructure.

In many cases, the needed IT infrastructure is usually enterprise relationship management systems, database management systems, and a portal for your business activities. For SMEs, SaaS solutions can help you meet your IT needs without breaking the bank.

Risk Management and Control Strategy – The major challenges business face in the cyberspace is dealing with security threats, and your business is no different. Therefore, your IT roadmap must include plans for dealing with security threats, as well as complying with the security policies/regulations relating to your industry.

A security strategy starts with setting up an experienced security team that understands the importance of risk management and the tight mitigation steps to take. The security strategy of your IT roadmap must also be constantly updated due to the ever-evolving threats to IT infrastructures. Therefore, IT security is never a closed chapter but a constantly open-ended one.

Setup a Dedicated IT Committee – A roadmap is only as good as its implementation and level of adherence across the board. Therefore, a dedicated IT committee must oversee the implementation process through the years. The implementation committee members will also be tasked with communicating across various departments to discover loopholes in implementation and plug them. The IT committee will also be tasked with making the hard decisions such as agreeing on outsourcing certain IT activities in order to meet the IT roadmap timelines. Since growth is the target of every business, the responsibility of bringing in experienced IT managers who can assist the firm will fall on the committee.

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