Does Your NJ Manufacturing Plant Have the Right Managed IT Services?

Does Your NJ Manufacturing Plant Have the Right Managed IT Services?

Imagine a computing glitch or system breakdown in your NJ manufacturing plant. Then imagine the nightmare that ensues: your order department can’t process orders, your production line halts, your inventory software can’t be updated, and the supply chain looks like a 10-car pileup on the interstate.

With all those bits and bytes flowing through your operation, you can’t afford the expense of a networking problem and the associated downtime. You know that when one station or one process fails, the domino effect will be expensive in hard and soft costs.

It’s probably a good idea to review your managed IT services contract and look for several key deliverables that could make or break your production, reporting, and your business.

Top-line considerations: Is your managed IT services partner making sure your computing infrastructure is reliable and secure? Is your system being managed and monitored with a proactive approach that keeps equipment running and your ERP performing at its peak? (If you answered “no,” skip right to the end!)

Are your PCs up to date and running properly? The lifespan of even the best PCs in a manufacturing environment is three to five years. Has your IT partner recommended replacing older desktops, and have software updates been implemented on a timely basis?

Is your server safe? It’s vital to your operation that safeguards are implemented to protect your servers—whether they are on premise or in the cloud. Business continuity relies on this so ask about failover protocols and redundancies to keep your operation running in the event of a server failure.

How well integrated are your applications? Today’s manufacturing plants use a wide variety of software programs, in NetSuite ERPs and other cloud platforms or installed in on-site servers. Either way, they run everything: inventory and warehouse management modules, accounting, CRM, order processing, production equipment, back office reporting, vendor management, and so much more. Are your modules properly integrated and reporting meaningful data? Or, are your users going through too many steps to pull the information they need?

Are you running the right applications for your operation? Has your IT partner taken the time to fully understand your business, and recommend what you need most today… and plan for future growth of your operation and your infrastructure?

Is your system backed up properly? It’s one thing to experience a system failure and quite another to not be able to restore your computing within your stated RTO (recovery time objectives)—or at all. Your system must be backed up daily.

Managed IT services for manufacturing

When you partner with IND Corporation, you get a true IT partner that provides flat-rate, comprehensive coverage with our TotalCare managed IT services plans for New Jersey manufacturers.

Among its many features, TotalCare offers:

  • Urgent, one-hour response time – We can dispatch our network technicians to handle your emergency on-site issue and get your production line or office computing back up and running as soon as possible.
  • Unlimited remote and on-site tech support –Call IND’s help desk any time to troubleshoot computing problems.
  • 24/7 monitoring and maintenance – Our proactive approach to IT means our technicians monitor your network around the clock to catch potential software problems, detect threats to your data, halt viruses, apply security updates, and perform system backups at regularly scheduled times.
  • Fixed-cost programs that are cost-effective
  • Virtual CIO services – our virtual CIOs work with you to determine the applications you need, share the latest cloud solutions, and more, without you needing to add an expensive employee to your payroll.
  • Periodic network and system reviews with our consultants – these ensure your computing meets business goals and is up to date with the latest industry or ERP solutions.

Keep your production moving along and your supply chain flowing; contact IND Corporation for a no-cost evaluation of your manufacturing plant’s network and find out how partnering with IND makes good business sense.