Do you know the severity of a mailbox attack?

Case study at a glance

Unless you’ve been through a security breach and have firsthand knowledge, you probably aren’t aware of the severity it can have on not only your business, but your clients. Let’s take a look at the ways we can help your business avoid the headache of a mailbox attack and the implications it can have. 

The situation

The number one attack vector that hackers are using nowadays is email. 

Like most people, you probably check your email a few times a day. But, did you know a hacker can be in your mailbox for months before you even notice anything wrong? They watch your activity and learn your behaviors. They could even be sending emails from your inbox and deleting them before you even know that a message was sent. 

In the present day, it takes more than just a strong password to protect your information. That’s why we highly suggest using our TotalContinuity solution. Your business can’t afford to lose data or have an extended amount of downtime that is oftentimes associated with a mailbox or cyberattack. 

The impact of your business

It goes without saying that cyberattacks are no joke. Depending on the type of attack, it can have a lasting impact on your business. Private information can be sold and end up on the dark web for other hackers to use even years later.

Putting cybersecurity measures in place and enlisting our help can save your business a major headache. We know what suspicious activity to look for and stop it before it causes an issue.

The impact on your customers

Not only does a mailbox breach have an impact on your business, but it could have a major impact on your customers too. For example, if a malicious email is sent from your inbox and one of your customers receives it and clicks on a malicious link, their information could be stolen as well.

If that happens, your lack of cybersecurity measures could have also put your client’s security measures at stake. This lack of security could cause your customers to think that you don’t care about your own security so why would you care about theirs? 

Your client’s want the confidence that you are reliable and on top of things. Don’t let a mailbox attack embarrass your company and cause clients later on to think you’re untrustworthy. 

take away

The takeaway

When thinking about the impact of a cyberattack via email, it can have a much larger impact than you may think. Not only are you not protecting your business information, but you’re also putting your customer information at risk. 

Being proactive and putting security in measures in place before an issue arises is the best way to remain protected. At IND Corporation, we have the newest and most advanced cybersecurity framework to protect businesses against cyberattacks via email.  

dot Takeaway snapshot:

  • Protect against mailbox attacks
  • Defend your business and client data
  • Be proactive

To learn more about the evolving threats hackers are using to gain access to your business data and how to be proactive in preventing those threats, reach out to the cybersecurity experts at IND. We’re here to help.