Designing a Hybrid Cloud Strategy for Your Business

Designing a Hybrid Cloud Strategy for Your Business

Why a Hybrid Strategy Works Best

90% of businesses will make the move to a hybrid cloud infrastructure in 2020. Want to get a head start?

Businesses appreciate the versatility that a hybrid cloud provides. But before delving into a hybrid cloud strategy, it is only fair to establish an understanding of what a hybrid cloud is.

Hybrid clouds are computing infrastructures or environments that combine features from an on-premise private cloud with public cloud features. This hybrid solution ensures data and applications are shared between public and private cloud.

Now, when designing a hybrid cloud strategy, there are some important factors to take into consideration.

  • Your Workloads – A business must access its workloads to determine which tools are ready to move to the public cloud domain, and which data to keep on-premise. Our team will develop a customized solution to fit your business goals. With a personalized hybrid cloud solution, your team can pick and choose where each of your assets are hosted.
  • Your Cloud Vendor Options – There are a plethora of cloud-based solutions out there. So, assessing your options before making a choice is an important procedure to take. IND Corporation will sit down with your team and lay out our unique benefits. Our personalized approach to cloud hosting will ensure your businesses is reaping the benefits of cloud technology.
  • Design Pattern – Your implementation strategy is one of the most important steps of your integration process. Inadequate implementation will crumble the entire cloud environment. Put your trust in a professional, like IND Corporation. With years of experience under our belt, we’ve developed a seamless integration strategy for every industry.
  • Total Cost – Estimating your budget is an important factor to consider before integrating a hybrid cloud strategy. With a personalized approach to cloud implementation, our team can determine which cloud solution is right for your spending needs.

The Benefits of a Hybrid Cloud Environment

  • Enhanced Data Privacy – In situations where the computing demands of a business increase, a hybrid cloud can scale up the public cloud aspects of an IT environment to deal with increased traffic. This process occurs without having to give third-party cloud solutions access to your data. Therefore, sensitive business data will remain grounded in your on-premise facilities.
  • Eliminates Excessive Expenditure – Setting up an on-premise environment is an intensive task many businesses can’t keep up with over time. Public cloud solutions can help mitigate a large chunk of the cost. This is because business owners can delegate certain processes to public cloud solutions at a cheaper cost.

The benefits of a hybrid cloud can only be accessed if your hybrid cloud strategy is properly implemented. It is recommended that all strategizing should be done by professionals who can access your IT requirements and configure the features and solutions needed to meet them. Outsourcing your IT needs can be the lifesaver your business requires.

Outsourcing Your Hybrid Cloud Strategy Development

Outsourcing the design of a hybrid cloud strategy to a professional IT manager ensures everything is done right to deliver a high performing IT environment. Choosing to outsource will also lead to lower expenditure and getting things right the first time. At IND Corporation, we have provided New Jersey businesses and other organizations worldwide with custom-built hybrid cloud strategies. These strategies have helped our partners meet their goals. Allow us to help your business do the same.