Decision-Maker Dan: Do I Need Outsourced IT Management?

Decision-Maker Dan: Do I Need Outsourced IT Management?

Allow Outsourced IT Management to Ease Your Business

Decision-Maker Dan is an average office manager – too much to do with too little time. Dan works in a medium-sized business, where employees are often tasked with wearing multiple hats to assist in overall business growth. His dedication to his business is clear, yet with so many responsibilities, some tasks often fall to the wayside. Between ordering office supplies, scheduling meetings, and acting as a face to the business, IT management typically comes last on his long list of to-dos. Does Decision-Maker Dan’s situation sound all too familiar to you?

Decision-Maker Dan Before Outsourced IT Management

While Decision-Maker Dan checks off tasks on his list, it seems that his responsibilities are endless. On this particular Friday afternoon, Dan is rushing through his daily duties, knowing he needs to make his 10-year-old son’s baseball game at 6 pm. However, at 3 pm, their IT systems crash, leaving the entire team at a loss. Every department needs to access the system for pertinent documents and to process orders. When this vital system is down, nearly every aspect of Dan’s company stops.

Dan immediately drops all of his responsibilities to tend to the IT issue at hand. He has minimal IT experience, so these sort of failures are well over his head. Dan reaches out to his IT support firm. The remainder of Dan’s afternoon consists of troubleshooting the problem himself because his IT firm, who wasn’t initially aware of the problem, told him that they won’t be able to help him until tomorrow. Before he knows it, 6 pm rolls around and Dan has yet to complete his daily list of to-dos. A responsive managed IT service provider would have been helpful at a time like this. Dan now faces his most important decision of the day: continue his work and miss his son’s game, or leave his responsibilities for his family obligation.

Decision-Maker Dan After Outsourced IT Management

After the catastrophic turn on events last Friday afternoon, Decision-Maker Dan knew it was time for a change. He should be able to easily balance his home-work life without sacrificing his well-being. Dan immediately began to look for reliable outsourced IT management. IND Corporation proved to be a popular provider in his local area. After giving the experts a call, Dan was immediately set up with time-saving, productivity-enhancing services to benefit his entire business. While Dan works on managing his office, IND manages all aspects of his IT systems and vendors. Through continuous monitoring and maintenance, Dan can rest assured that the technical aspects of his business are well taken care of.

IND’s TotalCare Managed Service equips companies with the tools they need to improve business productivity. At a flat-rate, businesses know their monthly fee will be the same, no matter how many on-site visits IND makes. In the event of a crash or system failure, IND will not only know about it immediately without you having to do anything, we will start working to restore your systems or fail-over to your business continuity system to keep things humming along. Downtime is reduced while giving employees the freedom to focus on their own business-related tasks.

If Dan’s situation closely aligns to your everyday qualms, it’s time for outsourced IT management. IND Corporation will help your team regain the productivity it needs to thrive. Call upon our experts today to learn more.