Decision-Maker Dan: Discovering Fixed-Cost IT Solutions

Decision-Maker Dan: Discovering Fixed-Cost IT Solutions

Save Your Team Time and Money With a Fixed-Cost IT Solution

Decision-Maker Dan is back to his usual hectic workflow. From client calls to off-site business meetings, he is often running around. On top of his typical bustling schedule, he’s often tasked with vendor payment approvals. While he has very little background in financials, Dan stepped up to the plate to help his business run smoothly. Recently, however, costs are racking up – largely due to his growing IT expenses. If only Dan had a reliable fixed-cost IT provider to count on.

Before a Fixed-Cost IT Provider

Unfortunately, since Decision-Marker Dan’s network often crashes, he has spent countless dollars on IT costs. Each time the systems are down, he must call his current provider to fix it. These on-site calls are becoming more frequent. It seems as though once one problem occurs, three more soon surface.

On top of these growing costs, Dan is slowly losing trust in his IT provider. He believes he shouldn’t have to make such frequent calls, let alone wait days before the provider actually reaches his office. An intelligent IT provider would recognize the problem at hand, and fix it in a way that prevents future problems from occurring.

As the months roll on, Dan is quickly realizing that his office’s budget is entirely skewed. They no longer have the capital to tend to other crucial matters because IT costs have soared through the roof. Before matters get too out of hand, Decision-Maker Dan needs to come to a conclusion: how can he better manage IT costs, while still relying on a helpful provider?

After Hiring a Fixed-Cost IT Provider

Once Decision-Maker Dan understood the problem at hand, he began researching IT providers. IND Corporation proved to be a respected choice. IND’s TotalCare plans provide reasonable, fixed-cost IT support to small and medium-sized businesses in New Jersey. Dan’s office soon received quality care from IND’s team. Not only did they handle all IT aspects of his business, but they also ensured each of their endeavors aligned with Dan’s business goals. IND proactively monitors and maintains Dan’s network offsite, so when an issue arises, they are already working to fix it.

On top of that, IND provides unlimited on-site IT support, entirely included in the plan’s fixed cost. Prices won’t increase, no matter how many times the team is called in for support.

Dan now has the freedom to accurately budget his office needs. He no longer is stressed out by increasing costs or unexpected delays. IND Corporation ensures Dan’s office is running smoothly and productively – all at an affordable rate.

If your business could benefit from a fixed-cost IT provider, don’t hesitate to call IND Corporation. Our team will work with yours to develop a customized plan, perfectly suited to your IT needs.