Data Backup Features Every Business Needs

Data Backup Features Every Business Needs

Upgrade Your Data Backup Solutions

In a world bursting with digital advancements, it’s hard to ignore technology’s influence on the business world. However, with the influx in data also comes an elevated risk for data loss. According to statistics from the Breach Level Index, 38% of the data losses that occur in SMEs and large corporations are due to human errors and a poor data backup culture. An even more frightening statistics is that 58% of SMEs are not prepared for data losses. Also, 60% of SMEs that lose their data and had no backup plan in place end up going out of business.

Although these statistics paint a rather grim picture, it also highlights the importance of having a data backup solution or policy in place regardless of the size of your organization. And, we believe that it is our corporate responsibility to help you or businesses choose the right backup features that will ensure your business does not fall victim to an ineffective data backup strategy. Keep reading to find out the three most important data backup features to implement in your data management policy.

  1. Direct-to-Cloud Backup: Integrating cloud-based solutions has proven to be quite helpful for businesses. In terms of setting up an adequate backup policy, integrating cloud-based data backup solutions cannot be overlooked. IND harness the unique power of the cloud to backup vital office data. In the unfortunate event of a disaster, our team can keep your business running by restoring your systems in the cloud or on a server in your office, as recently as the last 15 minutes before the crash occurred. Since our backup solution utilizes cloud software, we’re able to access and repair your systems from our remote location. In turn, we’re minimizing downtime, while your team maximizes productivity.
  2. Redundancy Is Key: Consider how much data is generated in a single day at your business. Dozens of files, projects, and insights are accumulated in the span of just a few hours. When you fail to make consistent backups, your recovery strategy will fail as well. Be sure that you’re backing up your entire network at least once a day – if not more often. With IND’s TotalContinuity Business Continuity Service, we’ll worry about the backups for you. Our systems will redundantly backup your systems to minimize the distruption to your business when disaster strikes.
  3. Consider a Hybrid Solution: At IND Corporation, we understand that no two businesses are alike. That’s why we take pride in our ability to serve customized service plans to each of our clients. We work with you to understand your current operations and future plans so that we can pair the right technology solution to support your business goals. We create a customized solution based on the specific needs of your company. When your network is working to your team’s advantage, your overall system will run much smoother.

Integrating a comprehensive data backup solution can be quite a challenge for business owners due to the diverse considerations that must be made. But at IND Corporation, our team of experienced technical strategists can help you troubleshoot and integrate a comprehensive and functional backup policy for your business. If your business is in need of a safe and reliable backup solution, reach out to our team today.