Cloud Based Technology Will Up Your Office Productivity

Cloud Based Technology Will Up Your Office Productivity

Keep Your Office Running Smoothly with Cloud Based Technology

Many businesses are moving to cloud-based technology for its versatility and security. If you’re looking for a convenient, productive means of enhancing your employees’ workflow, adapt to this new wave of expertise. Check out the top ways our cloud based technology will completely transform your office setting.

Completely Customized

At IND Corporation, we take ample time to analyze your network and workflow. We’ll perform a cost analysis with a seven-year time frame in mind. Since the expected life cycle for a server is typically seven years, we determine what the cloud cost would be over the same period of time. From there, we recommend the best solutions for your office setting. A hybrid of cloud storage and on premise servers is typically the best suited solution, as it allows for the optimal amount of customization. With IND, you’ll know your cloud-based technology will be perfectly fit for your office needs.

No In-House IT Needed

With IND’s TotalCare Managed Services, your network productivity will be continuously monitored and maintained by our experts. Typically, employees will wear multiple hats as they attempt to take on IT maintenance in addition to their typical workflow. Not having to maintain in-house storage or hire a third-party vendor will save you time and money. IND Corporation works on the back end to continuously maintain and monitor the health and efficiency of your data. No matter where your network is hosted, your business needs a team to take care of it and all the ancillary things used to connect to it. Don’t waste any more time trying to juggle the technical aspects of your company; put your focus back to the area it belongs – true business productivity.

Minimize Disasters

With 24/7 network access, our experts continuously monitor your technology, to search for and remedy any malfunction before it interferes with your business. When an on-site server crashes, a huge dent is put in your employee’s work processes. Yet with our predictive monitoring and maintenance plans, you’ll never have to worry about the threat of system failure. We’re on top of any threat before it even becomes a problem.

If your office could use some technological enhancements, contact our experts today. IND Corporation offers several cloud-based technology services that will change the way your employees do business. To learn more about how our specialized services could benefit your business, reach out to our team today.