How to Keep Your Business Running Through the Worst Storm

Hurricane Sandy caused substantial business interruption and lost revenues for New Jersey businesses. 90% of our client’s New Jersey offices lost power and Internet connectivity after Sandy, but those who were protected with our TotalContinuity Disaster Recovery Solution continued their business operations. Their teams were able to continue working remotely, with all of their files and software programs, until utilities were restored at their offices.

IND Corp Disaster Recovery Solution

How to Prepare Your Business for the Next Sandy

If your business relies on digital files and software applications, then a robust backup and business continuity solution is required to minimize downtime in the event of a disaster.

Our TotalContinuity solution provides both an on-premise and Cloud-based backup of your company’s servers to ensure your business keeps running in the event of a natural or technical disaster.

We deploy and maintain a backup server at your office that takes backup images of your production servers throughout the day. These backups are complete image-level backups of your server, which includes more than just your files – they also include a backup of the entire operating system and any software that you have installed on the server. These are complete copies (“images”) of your server.

Backups are stored on the backup server, as well as transmitted every night to two off-site data centers (located on the east coast and west cost of the US).

In the event that one or all of your on-premise servers are unavailable (due to power outage, theft, fire, flood, etc), we can virtualize (start and run the server) in the Cloud or on our TotalContinuity backup server at your office, ensuring that your business never misses a beat.

Sail Through the Worst of Storms

Contact us at (973) 227-5020 or by email to learn more about how you can protect your businesses vital data and information systems with our TotalContinuity business continuity solution.


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